In 2000, WP-ORG established the capability to process credit card charges and collect data from interactive web forms. The initial effort was done in support of the WPS of Annapolis MD for their Army Navy 2000 tailgate function. The Society provided the data fields they needed filled, and WP-ORG built the interface and collected the necessary credit card information to process the charges. This data was assembled in an Excel format and provided through the secure site, real time, to the Society Site Administrator.

Since then, we have expanded this operation to Class reunions for the Class of 1966, and to the Societies for dues collections. See the following URLs for the live sites for USMA 66's and WPS SW Virginia. If you want to see how it all works, you can join the WPS SW Virginia for a $25 pittance. (Jack Price is the Society Treasurer :^)

These funds come into the WP-ORG bank account, and are then distributed to the account you designate. The charge for this is 5%, and we absorb all the transaction fees, and audit the transactions to insure accuracy.

How do you get started? Initial contact is:
who will introduce you to the request site where we collect the format data Megan needs to build your site.

Reunion - Class of 1966

Dues site - WPS SW Virginia

Football Tailgate - WPS Pikes Peak

Jack Price CFO

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