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Evangelical student ministry thrives at West Point

At the United States Military Academy, one of the most popular and thriving officially sanctioned clubs is an openly evangelical Christian campus ministry. Officers’ Christian Fellowship, or OCF, has a database of more than 800 Cadets and an active participation of 400—nearly 10 percent of a student body of 4,400. “We love what we do, but we’re pretty much engaged about six and a half days a week with Cadets or adults,” said retired Army Colonel Tom Austin, one half of the husband-and-wife team that has been running the OCF ministry at West Point for the past five years.


Tech Say These Are The 10 Best Colleges In America

We recently released our sixth annual ranking of the Best Colleges in America, and the tech-titan institutions dominated the top 10. For the survey, we asked more than 1,500 readers who have hiring experience to score the country's top colleges based on how well they prepare their students for success after graduation. We used tuition as a tiebreaker, with cheaper tuition pushing a school to a higher spot. Below, we filtered the responses to include only survey participants who say they work in the technology industry. There was some minor shuffling in the bottom half. United States Naval Academy and United States Military Academy both inched forward three spots, pushing University of Chicago and University of Pennsylvania off the list and booting Yale to No. 9. University of California – Berkeley leapt from No. 17 on the main list to No. 10.


Marne Division educates West Point cadets

Soldiers from the 3rd Infantry Division, or the Marne Division, out of Fort Stewart, Georgia, spent a week at the United States Military Academy at West Point to educate cadets of the potential branches they could serve in during USMA’s annual Branch Week, Sept. 8-12. Branch Week provides cadets the opportunity to learn about the 16 branches commissioned officers are offered by talking with enlisted soldiers and commissioned officers currently serving in their respective branches. The opportunity to ask questions and gain insight from the experienced soldiers manning the stations can prove invaluable to cadets as they make their branch choices.


Pride and patronage

Each year, members of Congress exercise a little-known power to help constituents obtain a nomination to one of the country's four elite service academies, which prepare future officers for the Army, Navy, Air Force and Merchant Marine. In doing so, they are helping the nominees obtain a highly sought college education worth nearly $500,000 while shaping the leadership of the military. Those nominations are often secret, sometimes political and always prestigious. In some cases, a USA TODAY examination shows, they go to children of friends, political supporters and donors to the lawmakers' campaigns. At a time when the public ranks Congress' performance at all-time lows, lawmakers have retained this 171-year-old perk described by historian Lance Betros as "a prized currency of patronage, a means of pandering to political favorites."

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Meet the general

ASQ's new chief executive officer, Bill Troy, has led operations all over the globe – from Alaska to Texas, from Germany to Saudi Arabia, and even in Iraq. Troy, who took command of Milwaukee-based ASQ in April, is a retired three-star general with a military career spanning 38 years, during part of which he was responsible for the safety and success of thousands of soldiers and the welfare of their family members. Now, after being selected to succeed former ASQ CEO Paul Borawski, Troy has set up a base in the organization's downtown headquarters, where he is applying many of the leadership and teamwork skills he polished in the Army. “It's no different here at ASQ or elsewhere in civilian life – the sense of teamwork is really important, and the ability to build teams is something that I think is very applicable, as applicable in civilian life as it is in the military,” Troy said.


Colonel analyzes Vietnam-era propaganda in lecture

Col. Gregory Daddis, history professor at the U.S. Military Academy West Point, spoke on campus Tuesday about the “salesmanship” of the Vietnam War, analyzing propaganda released at the time to convince Congress and the American public to support the war.  “What I would like to do this afternoon is talk about the truth,” Daddis said.   After looking over statements released by Army Gen. William Westmoreland and other senior war managers, Daddis said that the Vietnam War illustrates the dangers of over-propagandizing. Daddis said, in contradiction with the public’s view of the war, Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker told the host of “Meet The Press” that his South Vietnamese allies were making excellent progress, while Westmoreland said he could easily see the growing optimism wherever he went in the war-torn country.


WP historian to speak about WWI and Mormon soldiers

Sherman L. Fleek, Lt. Col. US Army (Ret), Command Historian at the United States Military Academy at West Point will deliver a lecture on "World War 1: The Great War that Changed the World."  The lecture will be given on Thursday September 25 at 2pm in BYU’s Harold B. Lee Library. Fleek's address coincides with an exhibit in the Harold B. Lee Library's Special Collections called The Great War: A Centennial Remembrance.


German Air Force Band to perform at West Point

The West Point Band will present a concert Sunday with the German Air Force Band. It will be at 7:30 p.m. at Eisenhower Hall at West Point. The special musical collaboration between the military bands is free and open to the public. Lt. Col. Timor Oliver Chadik will lead his band from Munster, and Lt. Col. Jim Keene will lead his home troops.


Bloomberg’s anonymous gift to WP counterterror center

In 2011, former mayor Michael Bloomberg made an anonymous donation to a privately funded counterterror center at West Point, Capital has learned. The donation was for $250,000, according to emails obtained through a FOIA request. "As a result of a solicitation of the family foundation, the Mayor made a personal, anonymous, gift of $250K to the Combating Terrorism Center in 2011," wrote a West Point administrator in an email in 2013, as the academy prepared for a visit from Bloomberg. The email said one of the academy's employees, whose name was redacted, "would like to meet him briefly and say thank you, as part of the Academy team."


Fund Drive 35: Roses are Red. Violets are Blue.
Sincere thanks to all who have contributed to Fund Drive 35.
Donations now exceed 90% of FD35 goal, $99,462.  You may donate to
FD35 by credit card, PayPal, or check:

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
All weekend long...
We didn't think of you.

When I was about 16 years old we lived in California and my parents took off for a weekend without kids in Palm Springs.  My dad, Jack Price '64, sent a postcard home to me.  All that was written on it was the poetry above.

He's up at West Point right now celebrating his 50th reunion.  And the poem is once again appropriate because he is supposed to be writing to you this week but...  he is not thinking about WP-ORG at all.  It's all "Stars in Store for '64!"

So I've been asked to step in.

You may be aware that WP-ORG recently endured an extended service outage caused by a hardware failure which resulted in widespread data corruption.  Untangling the problem required that we restore just about everything from backup.

When I was a kid my parents owned a jewelry store and one weekend my dad brought home a "project" in the form of a huge tangled mess of gold chain.  In many ways our recovery was that tangled ball of chain. It seemed that every time we identified the next string that had to be pulled, we encountered another knot.  Each knot had to be painstakingly unraveled and gently tugged loose.  Unraveling those shiny golden strands 35 years ago took about as long as untangling our bits and bytes did just two weeks ago.

But we did untangle them!  GO ARMY!!  And along the way we learned a few things.  And we're stronger now.  And we're also more aware of our shortcomings, things we could have done better and will do differently in the future.

We received notes of encouragement throughout the week and they were very much appreciated.  Thanks for all the positive thoughts.  It was an exhausting recovery.

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
All week long...
We thought only of you.

Please help us finish off this fund drive.  You may donate to FD35 by credit card, check, or PayPal:

- by check made payable to WP-ORG and sent to:

3800 Buffalo Mountain Road SW
Willis, Virginia 24380-5082

Please be sure to indicate your affiliation and/or year group on your check or PayPal donation.

Thank you,

Megan Klein
'64 Daughter
'96 Sister
WP-ORG, Inc.

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