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WP-ORG is a unique community - a family, really.  Started in the mid 90s by some very forward thinking and inventive grads, the initial intent of WP-ORG was to link the West Point graduate community within that new infrastructure called "the internet" so they could continue those strong bonds they had forged during their cadet days, and to expand their knowledge of and support for the Academy.  Truly a unique concept at the time - and despite the social media explosion over the past 25 years,  one aspect of that concept keeps WP-ORG unique in the on-line world - security.  While perhaps not as jazzy as online message boards, and devoid of the bells and whistles of Facebook, the WP-ORG email lists are also devoid of the hackers, or the intrusion of ads and the daily onslaught of unwanted information gathering so rampant in other social media platforms.  

Communication by and between West Point grads, expanded years ago to West Point Parents as well - still going strong in a safe and secure environment = success.

Another hallmark of WP-ORG is the concept of service.  Obviously, all grads live that life of service - going above and beyond ... and WP-ORG is no different.  Three areas of the services provided by WP-ORG bear noting: the eulogy sites, the credit card sites and the level and consistency of service offered.  

WP-ORG created Taps and Eulogy pages for the West Point community - first of it's kind - and still the most comprehensive offered.  What better memorial to a person than to offer an on-going living site, dedicated to allowing all to remember their fallen comrade, to share stories of experiences from long ago, to offer a word of comfort to families?  The Class and the family help create the site, sending in whatever pictures they wish and can add pictures at any time.  A service offered at no charge - whatsoever.

WP-ORG was also the first organization to help Classes, Societies and Parents' Groups host functions and handle the money aspect more easily by creating / maintaining the payment sites.  Customized payment sites.  My husband's Class is gearing up for their 50th reunion, and over the past three months, WP-ORG has created three separate credit card sites for their use in conjunction with the reunion. While that doesn't really sound spectacular, what is spectacular is the time within which those sites are created, and the attention to detail on each.  Ten years ago, while helping my husband coordinate another Class reunion, I somehow lost touch with reality for awhile - or as my husband might say - someone accidentally let me out of my padded cell too long, and I contracted for 68 different memorabilia items (with various color and size choices within those 68 items) for the Class to select.  I thought it was brilliant - something for everyone, at various price points.  My husband, of course, thought I was absolutely nuts. When I asked Megan Klein to create the site  - 68 separate drop down boxes with boxes within boxes, I didn't get a "are you kidding me?" - the response was "let me get back to you on how we can do this" and within two days, this work of art was sent to me for testing.  Service - with a smile!  Dutch thinks he has reigned me in over the last ten years, but the reality is that I have come to develop a greater appreciation for the magnitude of what I had innocently requested.  What's truly impressive is that there was a "Can Do" attitude, not an "Are You NUTS?" attitude.  Realizing NOW the magnitude of work I created (not only for Megan on the back end, but myself on the sorting and packaging end, I would definitely say not only an emphatic "NO!" but a "HELL, NO!" to any similar request, but I doubt there is anyone "out there" as nutty as I (was).

Service - 24/7.  There's no such thing as "normal business hours" for the two employees of WP-ORG, nor for the hundreds of volunteers that help keep the wheels turning.  If you have a question or concern, it's addressed - live time, not three days from now.  

WP-ORG - a unique concept when created; a unique concept still in what it offers and how it is offered.

Please help us continue to serve the West Point Community by donating to our semi-annual fund drive - no amount is too small, and every contribution reinforces the value of the organization.

The donation links are below my signature.

Many thanks for your support of WP-ORG and allowing us to continue to serve you.

Megan Hostler
WP-ORG Advisor
Moderator, Parent Forum
Moderator, Plebe-Net
Moderator, USMAPS Net
Moderator, Prospective-Net


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