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Born from crack-addicted mother to captain at WP PDF Print E-mail

Just a few months ago, Dave Lenox and his husband, Nathan Merrells, moved to Seattle. As they settle into the Northwest, their adopted son, Max, is thousands of miles away in his senior year at West Point Military Academy. The journey all three made between Max's adoption 22 years ago and present day was recently profiled in Sports Illustrated. It highlights a list of hurdles and obstacles that had to be overcome before Max could be where he is now -- captain of Army's men's basketball team. "Sometimes in life, you just have to throw up your hands and say, 'Let's see where this takes us,'" said Merrells. Max Lenox was born in Philadelphia. His mother was an admitted drug user who had ingested crack while pregnant. Lenox showed no ill effects, and five days after birth, he was adopted by Lenox and Merrells. "Born from this crack-addicted mother to captain at West Point," said Lenox, now the executive director of Special Olympics Washington. "That sounds very dramatic, but the reality of it was, 'OK, that was important for a while,' but then it was important to us that he never see himself that way."

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DoD Extends Pre-Check to Service Academies PDF Print E-mail

Despite recent criticism of the program in a WCBS-New York report, the Transportation Security Administration and the Department of Defense have extended the TSA’s Pre-Check program to cadets and midshipmen at four of the five federal military academies across the country. The expanded program includes students at: the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York; the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland; the U.S. Coast Guard Academy at New London, Connecticut; and the U.S. Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs, Colorado, according to the release. TSA Precheck is an expedited screening program that allows participating airport travelers to leave on their shoes, light outerwear and belt, retain their laptop in its case and keep 3-1-1 compliant liquids/gels in a carry-on bag. On average, more than 50,000 DoD employees benefit from TSA Precheck on a weekly basis.


Astronaut Buzz Aldrin salutes USPTO veterans PDF Print E-mail

It was one small step taken 45 years ago. Around the world, eyes were collectively riveted to grainy pictures on a television screen while others gazed up at the sky in wonder and awe. America had achieved the impossible as Buzz Aldrin joined fellow astronaut Neil Armstrong in walking on the surface of the moon. “I was one of three lucky guys who got selected for that mission,” said Aldrin of the historic Apollo 11 moon landing in July of 1969. “I just happen to come along at just the right time with just the right credentials.” Speaking to a standing room only crowd at the U.S. Patent and Trade Office Military Association’s Veterans Day ceremony Nov. 6, Aldrin talked about his continuing passion for space exploration. “I would like to see us get to Mars,” Aldrin said. “But we need the American people to feel the same passion for our space program as we felt 45 years ago.” After graduating third in his class at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in 1951, Aldrin went on to earn a doctorate at MIT and is the holder of three U.S. patents for his schematics of a modular space station, Starbooster reusable rockets and multi-crew modules for space flight.


Army's nickname could change PDF Print E-mail

Army is considering a rebranding effort that could result in a nickname change for its athletic teams. Athletic director Boo Corrigan said West Point, “has been in an ongoing discussion” regarding a different way to identify the Academy’s sports program. Corrigan didn’t comment on specific nicknames. Army’s longstanding nickname was the Cadets before a rebranding change to the Black Knights in 1999.


Let's rally for Antonio Buehler PDF Print E-mail

I am a West Point, Stanford and Harvard educated entrepreneur and former military officer. On January 1, 2012, I saw two Austin cops assaulting a woman who had not committed a crime. When I tried to take pictures and question the cops, I was assaulted and charged with a felony crime of spitting in a cop’s face (2-10 year prison sentence). Fortunately, numerous witnesses came forward, including one who took video of the incident. Every witness said the cop lied, and the video proves it. However, the Austin Police Department pushed forward with their charges against me. A few months after my assault and false arrest, I joined with local activists to launch the Peaceful Streets Project, a grassroots movement dedicated to stopping police abuse. We began to educate people on their rights (Know Your Rights trainings), document police activity (cop watches) and we held a Police Accountability Summit.


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