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Fund Drive 44 is underway!  Please help WP-ORG through a voluntary donation to the current fund drive.

As of now, 1157 donations have been made, raising $74312.71 towards our goal of $74104.
For the Corps!

You are no doubt aware that WP-ORG is having a fund drive ( WP-ORG is a non-profit organization, which provides an online communications infrastructure that enables graduates, parents, and friends of the military academy to maintain and strengthen the associations that bind us together. We will provide this community any requested support, consistent with this purpose, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I spend my days connecting you with our services to the fullest.  Between managing our feedback address, answering the phones to assist with questions or concerns, tutoring moderators, assisting with website queries, creating eulogy pages, and reading every eulogy written on those pages to prevent spamming and defamation of our departed Warriors, my personal mission is to bring life to WP-ORG's mission statement. In short, to unite you with your class, your sports interests, your friends, and the Long Gray Line. My hands and heart are deeply rooted in WP-ORG. I am proud that I am part of an organization whose goal is to help you grip hands.

What do these connections mean to you? Camaraderie. Maintenance of historical information.  Recounting traditions and memories. Only you know exactly how WP-ORG impacts your life.

In 1999, our CEO at the time, LTC(Ret) Dick Breakiron, USMA 1951, wrote a general query asking what these connections meant to others. Dick was a TAC in '63-'64 and was tagged with the nickname of "The Shadow" by the cadets. He received two responses from one '64 graduate:

The first message stated:

         Dick, I can't believe that I'm actually sitting and having a conversation with "The Shadow".

The second stated:

    Dick, I wrote that a few weeks ago and as I have thought about it, I see another ramification to my statement. How can a 60 year old write to a 71 year old that he doesn't believe that he is having 'a conversation'? But that is the beauty of this 'class to class.' Some part of me will always be that 22 year old cadet.

    I also had a tour at West Point and know what influence that can have on the cadets that were there when one was on the staff or faculty. I met one of my former students in Italy after my tour in the English Department. It was obvious to me that I had had an impact on him.

    I also refer you to the note that I wrote to my classmates about my Beast Company Commander. This man, class of '61, was my company commander in beast, recognized me plebe year, put one of my brothers through Artillery OCS several years later, and then taught English to my other brother at West Point. I then served with him in the English Department.

    When I said that I couldn't believe that "I was having this conversation with 'The Shadow'" it was because I failed momentarily to recognize that we ARE all linked together.  ~ Regards. Art Kelly '64

WP-ORG exists to maintain the link of which Art spoke. I have been privileged to be privy to reading a few of the correspondences within WP-ORG through the years. Many have moved me beyond measure, and caused me to desire a connection to WP-ORG for the past 20 years. I hope to always serve you. I am better for it.

We are in our 5th week, and at 90% of our goal.  If you have donated, we greatly appreciate your donation. If we serve you with one of our email lists, web pages, or if you have used our registration and payment sites, we hope you have found value in our services.  Your donations allow us to continue our work.  Even a small amount helps, and we hope you can help us bring this fund drive to a successful conclusion.

Donation page linking to all payment methods (credit card, check or PayPal):

        By credit card or PayPal:

        By check, please indicate class year and affiliation:
        WP-ORG C/O Megan Klein
        23802 Oscar Road
        Spicewood TX 78669

FD44 Donation Report, sorted by WP-ORG member group, etc.:

WP-ORG Budget October 1, 2018 - March 31, 2019:

For the Corps!

Dian Welle
WP-ORG, Inc.
Street Receives Honorary Name For Fallen Veteran


The Class of 2002 attendees of a 9 Nov 2018 ceremony in Renton, WA during which SE 185th Place was dedicated to our fallen classmate, 1LT Michael Adams, who was killed in action in Iraq in March 2004. Michael grew up on this street and we were all honored to attend.
Photo courtesy of Nick Kardonsky


Lining the street that now bears his name, more than 100 community members, family, and current and former U.S. Military service members joined in the honorary naming of a road in memory and recognition of First Lieutenant Michael R. Adams. 

The street where Adams’ childhood home is located, at Southeast 185th Place in the unincorporated community of Fairwood, was given the honorary road name designation "1LT Michael Adams Place," to honor Adams' life, dedication and service to his country.

“It is my privilege to dedicate this road in honor of First Lieutenant Michael Adams,” said Metropolitan King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn, who sponsored the road dedication legislation and whose district includes the Fairwood community. “We will never forget his sacrifice and dedication to serve.”

In his last email to his family, Adams talked about how much he loved his job and how dedicated he was to getting the 15 soldiers he led back home. He remained with his platoon longer than he had to because he wanted to return with them to Fort Carson, Colo. on the unit’s last boat home. 

Adams was killed on March 16, 2004 in an accident in Asad, Iraq.
If you love West Point, please donate to WP-ORG today!
West Point is many things to many people.  For most, if not all of us, it has been one of the formative forces in our lives, much like our parents, siblings, kids, best friends, and key colleagues at work or in the Army.  I know this relationship is especially true for me.

My personal relationship with West Point has evolved, altering its influence upon who I am throughout much of my life.  In the beginning, it was a huge life choice that I struggled to make: UC Berkeley or West Point.  Growing up in southern California, this was a difficult decision - the unadulterated freedom of four years at UC Berkeley or 4 years in prison at West Point, followed by 5 years in the US Army.  Encouraged by my father, I instead chose a year sabbatical to travel the world, sew my wild oats, hone my French and Spanish, and most importantly mature a little in the hopes that I might better make that key decision that would prove so influential to the rest of my life.

I chose West Point, class of 1996.  My time at the academy was colored by the choices that I made there.  I thirsted for challenges of all kinds, sought out new life experiences at every turn, loved my friends and water polo, and was hell bent on enjoying each and every day during my four years there.  All of this came at a cost, including over 200 hours on the area.  I'm not sure of the exact facts, but I like to tell people that I got away with the lion's share of my transgressions against the establishment.  Graduation was one of the best days of my life.  When I passed under Thayer Gate after graduation, I swore that I would never be back.

Molded by West Point, I arrived at Ft. Benning still malleable and eager for new adventures.  The Army became the crucible that made me the leader I am today.  I loved my time in the Army.  I loved my soldiers, my NCOs, my peers and most of my bosses; each of them impacted me in a unique way, subtly altering my own leadership style.  Living on the north shore of Oahu and training infantry soldiers has to be one of the greatest jobs on earth.  It was during this wonderful time in life that I met and married my wife, Cam.  Having fulfilled my commitment to the Army, I resigned my commission in August of 2001, and we left the Army to pursue our next adventure.

Without West Point, I would not have been admitted to graduate school at MIT.  Without West Point, I would not have connected with my first job out of MIT.  West Point has been a continuous and powerful influence in everything that I have touched outside the Army.  Today I own and run the Flora-Bama along with other bars & restaurants along the Gulf Coast.  The lessons I learned through the Army and West Point (special thanks to the Firstie Club) help me lead my team daily. 

I have made it back to all of my reunions - 5, 10, 15, and 20.  I attended the last one with my parents Sam & Jack Price, USMA 1964.  In the blink of an eye, my kids (Malia 16, Dorian 13, Kai 10) will make their own college choices.  They will have some tough decisions.  I hope they will follow their heart and do what they love.  Maybe one or more of them will end up at West Point; I look forward to that continued evolution in my relationship with our Alma Mater. 

WPORG supports all of those who love West Point.  That probably includes you, in one way or another.  If you love West Point, help support WPORG so it can continue to provide its unique services to the greater West Point community.  As an US Army Airborne Ranger, I promise you that our staff and our advisory board will give you our best, one hundred percent and then some. 

Please donate what you can through the links below.  We are currently 77% of the way to our goal; help us complete the mission with your donation today.  Thank you for your support!  Go Army, Beat Navy!!!

Cameron Price
(251) 509-5423

PS - Any West Point grads that want to live at the beach and run bars & restaurants, we're hiring.  For all of the rest of you, come visit me at the Flora-Bama, and I will buy you an ice cold beer or a bushwacker! 

Donation page linking to all payment methods (credit card, check or PayPal):

        By credit card or PayPal:

        By check, please indicate class year and affiliation:
        23802 Oscar Road
        Spicewood TX 78669

FD44 Donation Report, sorted by WP-ORG member group, etc.:

WP-ORG Budget October 1, 2018 - March 31, 2019:
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 WP-ORG Members:

I get to follow a great Army football victory over Eastern Michigan on Saturday -- making the Black Knights bowl-eligible yet again -- with more good news...

  • First, as of today, we're over 70% to our 6-month fundraising goal! That's awesome progress and our sincere thanks to all who have donated. Your contributions keep the servers running for all who use WP-ORG!
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You can help us reach our goal by donating at our secure online donation link - - and also by setting WP-ORG to be your Charitable Organization at Amazon - - for all your purchases!

Important links:

  • Donations by check should be sent to our new address:
c/o Megan Klein
23802 Oscar Road
Spicewood, TX 78669

Let's help close this fund drive out soon!

Warren Hearnes '89
for WP-ORG Advisors

Fund Drive 44 - Can Do!
West-Point.Org was founded with a “can do” attitude.  No one personified this attitude better than our former CFO, Jack Price.  Manage to keep a pet anaconda in the barracks while a cadet?  Young Cadet Jack Price found a way – saying, oh I “can do” that … and did.  Finagle to have the Playboy Bunny of the Year come to visit his troops in VietNam?  Young LT Jack Price said “can do” and did.  

When Jack died, the “can do” spirit and determination that he shared with all of us who work with West-Point.Org stepped into high gear when Megan Price Klein once again demonstrated that “can do” attitude, quietly and unofficially stepping into Jack’s role as CFO for West-Point.Org – keeping the organization moving and serving. 

The “can do” spirit has always been a hallmark of our “face of West-Point.Org” – Dian Welle – she who answers the phone at all hours of the day and night to help solve a grad’s problem or point him / her in the right direction. Dian’s “can do” determination also kicked into high gear with Jack’s passing, as Dian quietly took over some of Megan’s former responsibilities, allowing Megan the time to get herself read into her new responsibilities.  

The “can do” spirit and determination was quietly demonstrated by Warren Hearnes, our CIO, who quietly assumed the responsibilities of writing thank you notes to all donors.

The “can do” spirit was demonstrated when Jack Price’s son, Cameron, himself a grad, stepped forward to offer his assistance and joined the Board of WP-Org as a volunteer.

In a very small way, I assisted by overseeing the financials, working with our accountants and delving into our human resources practices.  In a way, it's amazing to see an entire Board step up to take over the responsibilities that one man ably and quietly performed.

Yes, we “can do” … and with your help, we “will do”.  We are in the middle of our semi annual fund drive, and we need your help to keep the organization running for the next six months.

Will you stand with us, show your “can do” spirit through your donation – and become one of the many, many volunteers who proudly demonstrate that “can do” spirit?

Please help us keep this dream alive. We're committed. We need your support.

Fund Drive 44 Donation Link:
Fund Drive 44 Budget:
Donations by check should be sent to our new address: 
c/o Megan Klein
23802 Oscar Road
Spicewood, TX 78669

Megan Hostler
From Megan Klein - WP-ORG Fund Drive 44
Hello WP-ORG,
It's Fund Drive time, here's the link:

My name is Megan Klein - I am Jack Price's daughter. Jack was WP-ORG's CFO for 20+ years right up until his death on the 4th of April, 2018.

You didn't hear from me during our last fund drive because I was scrambling to keep my dad's responsibilities from falling through the cracks around here. Proof that we exist on a shoestring budget, just four days after my dad left us, we kicked off the fund drive to carry on his work without him.

Dad and I worked together managing all of WP-ORG's online registration and payment sites. Ours was a well-oiled machine and we were a fantastic team. Suddenly everything fell apart. Dad became sick and was hospitalized while I was on a ski vacation. I bought a plane ticket to Virginia from the top of the mountain at lunch on the first day and caught a flight out of Telluride three hours later. By the time I got to Dad in Virginia he was in ICU and ventilated. My brother was there. Mom has dementia and Dad was her caregiver. Cameron was trying to manage both parents. We were in Virginia for a month. We had a succession of family and friends come stay at Mom and Dad's to look after Mom during the day so we could get to the hospital.

After nearly two weeks Dad came off the ventilator and out of his fog of sedation. His first concern was Mom - was she okay? "Yes," we said. His second question was, "Is WP-ORG still alive?" Oh, for Pete's sake, "Yes, Dad, WP-ORG is still alive." Those two questions answered, he visibly relaxed.

Dad loved West Point; he adored his Class of '64 classmates. He felt blessed to be an American and to be alive. He loved people and easily developed deep, lasting friendships. He loved connecting people and took great pride in WP-ORG and all the personal connections it has fostered over the years.

Since my dad's death, my brother Cameron Price '96 has joined the WP-ORG Board of Advisors. I know this development would make Dad's heart sing if he were here to see it.

Please help us keep this dream alive. We're committed. We need your support.

Fund Drive 44 Donation Link:

Fund Drive 44 Budget:
Fund Drive 44 Report:

Donations by check should be sent to our new address:

c/o Megan Klein
23802 Oscar Road
Spicewood, TX 78669

Megan Klein
Kona’s Youngest Competitor

USMA 2020 Cadet Wolfgang Drake

Baltimore, Maryland native Wolfgang Drake is the driven—some might say overachieving—type, an asset that serves him well in both triathlon and in his studies at the United States Military Academy.

"In high school, I was very involved in cross-country, track, and swimming," says Drake. "As I was entering West Point, I knew I wanted to join the triathlon team. I’d heard so much about the professionalism and the general culture."

But Drake's first attempt at getting a spot on the team was fruitless. He quickly realized that he wasn't the only one at West Point with a strong fitness base.
 "I was surprised to see how incredibly fit they all were!" says Drake. "They were absolute studs." But instead of feeling deterred by not making the cut, Drake doubled down on his desire to become a member of the team. He worked harder, not only on his swim-bike-run, but in building a reputation as a solid team member by joining West Point’s obstacle-course racing team. Within a semester, his hard work had paid off. His initiation into the team was quintessentially triathlon:
 The team captain congratulated me on making the team while simultaneously informing me of 5:30 swim practice the next morning!" Drake laughs.
Completed Ironman time: 13:02:18
Bob Magruder, USMA1964 Be Thou at Peace
Past WP-ORG Chairman, Bob Magruder '64 passed away September 17, 2018. His family wrote the following memorial message:
"The quintessential soldier's soldier, West-Point class of 1964, career soldier, artillery, and three time All-American swimmer, passed away on Monday, September 17, 2018. Robert was the son of the late Peyton Magruder and Julia Motley-Magruder. Loving husband to Angie for 50 years; father to Cynthia Magruder, and Scott Magruder (Venus); Brother of Marshall Magruder (Lucy) and the late Douglas Magruder, KIA Vietnam. A kinder man there never was."

Bob was a All-America Swimmer at USMA. Part of his legacy, are his contributions and work for the team throughout the years. He always wished to ensure that the swimming program needs, unfulfilled by the Army budget, were met. He was a career artillery officer, retired as a Colonel, and subsequently worked on Enterprise Transformation and Business Process Re-engineering with the Logistics Management Institute for five years. He served on the AOG's Board of Trustees for four years in the Communications Committee and supported the Alumni Support Committee, when needed. Bob was the first Chairman of WP-ORG Inc.  Later, he took a less active role in WP-ORG  to go back to full time work at the Institute for Defense Analyses where he was an Adjunct Staff Member in the Strategy, Forces & Resources Division. He worked on special projects in support of DoD and loved his work. He actively pursued and supported the quick development of a high energy laser and relay mirror system for warfighters.
WP-ORG is indebted to Bob for his steadfast work for this organization, and for the greater West Point community.  WP-ORG is better for having had Bob serve as our first Chairman.  We are saddened by his death, and will always miss his winning smile and endless exuberance.

His eulogy may be found here:

In lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Wounded Warrior project, or to the B-26 Marauder Historical Association  for that was so dear to Bob's heart- since his Dad designed and built the B-26 bomber.

The WP-ORG Board of Advisors
Veterans Month in Palm Beach County, FL
Cpl Burt Richards has November declared Veterans Month in Palm Beach County, FL
In Palm Beach County, Florida, Corporal Burt Richards has gained attention for various awards and commendations he has received for his hard work and determination to educate on American War Veterans. On July 7th, 2011, Corporal Burt Richards, Congressman Ted Deutch congratulated Corporal Richards in the House of Representatives in Washington DC.

Ted praised him for being awarded the American Red Cross Community Courage Award for his work in educating the youth about service of Veterans.  Corporal Richards and the local chapter of the Jewish War Veterans spearheaded the campaign to close Palm Beach County schools in remembrance of Veterans Day. 

On November 1st, 2011 at the Headquarters of Palm Beach County Commissioner, Priscilla Taylor, Cpl. Burt Richards was honored for his outstanding service to Palm Beach County, his Veterans Speakers Forum and the School Education Deed to close all Palm Beach schools on Veterans Day. Three Palm Beach County mayors signed the proclamation and let it be known that the entire month of November is called Veterans Month.

In addition to their successful efforts to close schools, The Veterans Speakers Forum was created. American Veterans visit schools and libraries across Palm Beach County to educate students on American War Veterans in a program called Honoring Those Who Served. NOW founded the Veterans Memorabilia Museum and Education Center looking for Memorabilia donation to display at the location - posters, etc - advise if you care to send.

Police ask for help in soldier's murder
RE: USMA 2012 Graduate CPT Daniel C. Lehman
Police are requesting the public help investigating the murder of a Fort Carson soldier.

Captain Daniel Chamberlain Lehman, 28, was shot near South Nevada Avenue and Costilla Street. He was a graduate of West Point Academy and stationed at Fort Carson.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Colorado Springs Police Department.
Detectives say a man found dead in downtown Colorado Springs Saturday morning was a homicide victim.
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