Wedgwood Plates

Pictorial Plates of West Point

It was recently brought to my attention that Wedgwood Pictorial Plates had been devised for certain American universities, and it was thought that the Alumni, faculty, cadets and friends of West Point might like to possess similar plates depicting the various scenes and building of our Alma Mater.

Since the early colonial days, interest in pictorial china has continued unabated and the idea of placing the beauty of West Point on china will make a strong appeal.

The plate is ten inches in diameter of an attractive shape and may be used either as a dinner plate or service plate. The border design draws its basic inspiration from the cadet diploma. As in the diploma, the plate is dominated by the crest of the Academy. At the lower left and right are balanced Roman and Colonial groupings of arms. Flanking the crest are the symbols of civil and military arts. Three medallions, depicting the cadet of 1825, 1848, and 1930, equally quarter the border which is edged with laurel. The medallion of the cadet of 1930 is surmounted by the symbolical mother eagle guarding the fledglings.

The interior border is composed of the links of the famous chain of 1777 that was stretched across the river to Constitution Island. In the center of each plate will be a different view of West Point.

With so many historical landmarks, buildings and scenes of beauty from which to choose, it was difficult to make a final selection, but after much study the following views were chosen:

On the back of each plate will be engraved as a trade mark Whistler's "Third Half Hour" drawn when he was a cadet at West Point.

These plates may be had in either blue or pink. They are being manufactured for Jones, McDuffee & Stratton of Boston, at our request, by Josiah Wedgwood & Sons, Ltd. of Etruria, England. They are printed from hand engraved copper plates on the finest of English earthenware. Shipment will be made about April 1, 1931. The price will be not to exceed fifteen dollars a dozen. Subscription blanks will shortly be sent out to Alumni and others.


Excerpt from The Association of the Graduates of the United States Military Academy, Annual Report, June 11th, 1930.
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