The Official West Point March

Music by: Philip Egner

Words by: Alfred H. Parham (USMA 1928)

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West Point, at thy call,
Thy sons arise in honor to thee.
May thy light shine ever bright,
Guide thy sons aright,
In far-off lands or distant seas.

Thy name first above all,
Thru all the years thy motto we will bear;
We thy sons as we fight,
May we strike for the right,
Alma Mater, ever for thee.

From the liner notes of the West Point Music record album (courtesy Lew Higinbotham '62):
In 1927, Lieutenant Philip Egner, then Bandmaster and Teacher of Music, was appointed to compose an official marching song for the Academy, and, when introduced to the cadets at a summer concert, The Official West Point March won instantaneous approval. Fragments of "On Brave Old Army Team", "Army Blue", "The Corps", "The Dashing White Sergeant", "Recall", "Taps", and "Reveille" are woven around Egner's "West Point Song" which forms the trio of this march, considered by many to be one of the finest ever written.

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The Official West Point March

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