The West Point Glee Club

MAJ Cranston E. Covell, OIC, Glee Club

CPT Francis E. Resta, Bandmaster

CDT Linwood B. Mather '50

CDT James H. Tormey '50

MSG Robert J. Dvorak

CDT William Raiford '52, Accompanist

CDT Frank Gaillard '50, Conductor

Columbia Records, CL-6118

Side 1
1. Army Blue
2. The Corps
3. Trees
4. The Lord's Prayer

Side 2
1. Kentucky Babe
2. Over The Rainbow
, soloist: Joseph S. Carabetta x-'52
3. Gentlemen Rankers
, soloist: John S. Matthews '50
4. Benny Havens, Oh!
, soloist: William A. Myers '52

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