On, Brave Old Army Team

Words and Music by: Philip Egner

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The Army team's the pride and dream
Of every heart in gray.
The Army line you'll ever find
A terror in the fray.
And when the team is fighting
For the Black and Gray and Gold,
We're always near with song and cheer
And this is the tale we're told: *
The Army team

Rah! Rah! Rah! Boom!
(Whistle chorus)
(Repeat chorus)

* And this is the thing we're told: (from the 1921 edition of West Point Songs and the 1910 Howitzer)
* To "sound off" strong and bold: (from the 1935 edition of West Point Songs)

From the liner notes of the West Point Music record album (courtesy Lew Higinbotham '62):
Drawing inspiration from valorous cadet football teams, Lieutenant Egner wrote On Brave Old Army Team in 1910. Legend tells us that he conceived the tune while walking home one day and jotted the notes on his stiffly starched cuff, lest he forget them. Since then, this has become the singing trademark of athletics at West Point and at U.S. Army installations throughout the world.

On, Brave Old Army Team

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