Acceptance Day

This is a unique cer­e­mony, in which the new class sym­bol­i­cally marches for­ward and for­mally joins the Corps.

Accep­tance of the new plebe class into the Corps occurs at the end of sum­mer train­ing. At this time, the plebe class is accepted into the Corps by join­ing the three upper classes in their com­pa­nies in a cer­e­mo­nial parade dur­ing Reor­ga­ni­za­tion Week. The Corps marches onto The Plain and the plebe class, orga­nized by com­pany, marches on sep­a­rately. On com­mand, the plebes then march across the plain and join their com­pa­nies. After this cer­e­mony, the plebes are no longer addressed as New Cadet but rather as Cadet sig­ni­fy­ing that they have been accepted into the Long Gray Line.



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