GMK Bus Pickup Locations  

Newark Airport - Bus Courtyard outside Terminal A on ground level. Take the AirTrain monorail to Terminal A if arrival is in another terminal. View the airport map at:

Link to Newark Airport


LaGuardia Airport - Outside of Delta - NorthWest Terminal. Buses outside. Take the inter-terminal connection bus (Route B if you are not arriving at the Marine Air Terminal/Delta Shuttle Terminal - Route A if you arrive at this terminal) to the Delta Terminal. Note - Delta Terminal and Delta Shuttle Terminal are two different terminals. View the airport map at:

Link to LaGuardia Airport


JFK - Terminal 4. Downstairs at baggage level. Buses outside. Take the AirTrain Monorail between terminals if the arrival is at another terminal. View the airport map at:

Link to JFK Airport


Stewart Airport - Outside. Very small airport. Buses waiting at curb.

Link to Stewart Airport

White Plains Airport - Unknown. Small airport with one single terminal building. Buses probably outside the terminal and waiting.

Links to White Plains Airport


Too late for the GMK Bus?
The "Air Train" transportation between terminals at Newark International Airport also goes to Penn Station. From Penn Station cadets can taxi/subway/walk over to Grand Central Station. From GC trains run to Peekskill or Garrison. Taxis are available from Peekskill and Garrison to WP.
Train Schedule:

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