The Metro-North commuter trains run between Garrison and Grand Central Station in NYC. Schedule and ticket info here:

Tickets may be purchased on line, in a vending machine at the station (use a credit card), or on the train. Just board the train when it stops, find a seat, and wait for the conductor to get to you.

Free overnight parking is allowed at the Garrison train station on weekends/holidays. There is a fee during the week of $2.50/16 hrs. and $4.00/24 hrs.

The most current station information is available at:

1 Upper Station Road, off Route 9D
Garrison, NY, 10524
(49.9 miles to Grand Central Terminal)

MORE INFORMATION (many thanks to Larry Smith)

After one gets to Garrison, how does one get to West Point?

This is absolutely the tricky part. You get off the train and there you are, standing and looking across the Hudson River at West Point. There are several options you can now follow. To be absolutely clear about the first, the ferry, I spoke at length today with the USMA Harbormaster. He is the person who operates the ferry for USMA and I received from him the conditions under which he operates the ferry.

1. If the USMA ferry is running, and if you are either accompanied by your cadet or state you are a guest of your cadet and can identify him/her and give their cadet company designation, you can cross the river for a modest 25 cent fee on the ferry. The ferry is operated solely for the benefit of cadets and their guests. The ferry crosses the river from Garrison (where the Metro North train station is located) to the USMA South Dock. The South Dock is located on the rivers edge below, and slightly South of, the Cadet Area. A street runs up from the dock area and comes up to Thayer Road adjacent to the Thayer Hotel and Buffalo Soldier Field. If you walk up from the dock this is where you will arrive on post. There is also a extensive set of stairs (a little to the North of the South Dock and behind the soccer field that is at the level of the river) that go up to the main cadet area but you had better be in good physical condition before you use them as they are quite extensive and the climb requires some really heavy physical effort.

2. The ferry will be in operation this year (2006) from April 14 through May 28, and from August 4 through October 29. It operates on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and if there is an extended weekend with a holiday or Plebe Parent Weekend it will operate on Monday as well. Hours of operation are 11:45 AM to 7:30 PM Friday and Saturday, and 10:45 AM to 6:30 PM on Sunday and Mondays. The ferry is in continuous operation. It justs goes back and forth across the river during these hours. There is no set schedule, however, the Harbormaster does know when trains are scheduled to arrive at Garrison and he tries to have the ferry parked on the East side at the station when trains arrive there.

3. The schedule stated in paragraph 2 above is it. The ferry will not operate during morning hours or weekdays other than Friday. A question has arisen as to whether or not it will be operating during graduation week. The answer is no, except for the days and times mentioned above.

A second method of getting from Garrison to USMA is to use a taxi. There are some local companies operating from Highland Falls that do provide this service. In speaking with the USMA Harbormaster, however, he indicated that these companies appear and disappear with great frequency and that he could not tell me today who will really be in business this Spring and able to pick-up passengers at Garrison. In other words, no one really knows yet who to call for taxi service this Spring.

This is not a hopeless situation. There are taxi's. Neither I nor the Harbormaster, however, can tell you now who they are. You had best rely on your cadet to figure this out for you prior to you needing this service.


If your cadet has an automobile they can possibly pick you up. It depends on the time of day and their ability to get off post. Another possibility is to have you cadet ask their officer sponsor if that person might be able to pick you up.

That's it other than to walk or swim, both of which I mention in jest.

Your cadet has access to information about the ferry hours of operation on the USCC web site under the S-4 heading, Transportation section. You cannot access this web site. It is an internal USMA operation only available to those associated with the US Corps of Cadets (USCC).

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