Memory 6
CBT Regimental March Back, Class of 2007
August 12, 2003

Dear Fellow 2007 Parents:

Just wanted to add our observations to all the e-mails that we've read and enjoyed (and a special thanks to the grads who were up at Camp Frederick for the talent show and who marched with the NCs for sharing their observations). It was a GREAT day, and still does not feel like it really happened. We have never seen so many bodies go past us so fast. It was almost impossible to scan the lines of faces of all those dirty, sweaty, smelly but absolutely beautiful to behold sons and daughters to see that one face we were looking for. We followed Megan and Mary Kay's advice and had a distinctive flag from our NC's room at home that we had told him to look out for that his older brother waved the whole time - he saw it because for one split second a face under a helmut turned slightly and smiled at his Mom and me and all was right with the world. Breakfast on the apron in front of the barracks was followed by lots of pushups in return for lots of waves and lots of chants from the companies of "Mr. and Mrs. X, _____ loves you". We too felt like their spirits were high and comraderie ran deep. Then it was time to put back on rucksacks and helmuts, pick up rifles, fall in behind their academic company officers and march off to the barracks and we're sure into the loving (?) arms of the upper classes. Seemed like the whole morning lasted about 15 minutes.

Congratulations to the Class of 2007 on Taming the Beast. Acceptance Day can't get here soon enough!

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