Memory 4
CBT Regimental March Back, Class of 2007
August 12, 2003

More meories from the marchback that are burned into my mind.
The look of exhaustion on so many faces as they watched the talent show. And knowing they had 15 miles ahead of them. But not one single look of discouragement.
Their ability to completely ignore the rain as they sat and watched the show. Even though nobody I saw had their rain gear with them.
The look of utter joy on the face of the new cadet as he slid the zip loc snack bag of cherry twizzlers into his pocket. Despite the conditions he had just been through and what he was about to go through, life was good...he had his twizzlers. The same look from the one who got his 2 banana creme moon pies, and the one who got his cherry filled fruit pie.
The utter selflessness of the new cadets I met. It always seemed they were more concerned about their squad mates than themselves.
I looked for and found the son of a classmate. He was cadre; a squad leader. I didn't even introduce myself, just told him his father was my classmate and handed him a bag of fresh baked cookies. I hadn't taken 3 steps when I heard the word ring out in the night "Hey, First Squad. Get over here. Guess what?"
The endless mantra of the cadre throughout the night. "Watch your interval. Don't stop moving. Close it up. Spread it out. Drink some water."
Watching a new cadet fall asleep standing up wearing full gear and a helmet when there was a 5 minute pause on the trail. The contorted faces of the new cadets as they walked down the ski slope toward the breakfast area. And seeing vividly just how badly each step hurt. And none of them uttered a word.

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