Memory 3
CBT Regimental March Back, Class of 2007
August 12, 2003

I had the honor of joining the New Cadets for the march back from Lake Frederick. I can say, without hesitation, the experience was challenging and exhilarating.

The "OLE grads" and their guests arrived at Lake Frederick at 1815 and joined the NC in the field overlooking a stage for the talent show. Those men and woman of the class of 2007 who shared their talents did a superb job. The "acts" included singing, stepping, magic, martial arts ....etc. During the show, the rain fell, and the MC and crew made adjustments to accommodate the acts which were "rain friendly". All in all a nice demonstration of the talents of
2007. I especially enjoyed a trio of NC's that wrote their own lyrics and sang them to a familiar song that escapes me for the moment :(.

Before the talent show, the OLE grads and guests had an opportunity to interact briefly with the new cadets. I chatted with a number of NC's in F company who I would join later in the evening for the march back. They all were highly motivated and excited for the evenings events and a little apprehensive of what re-orgy week would bring the next morning.

Between 1930 and 2300 the new cadets went back to their designated company areas to do last minute tasks and execute the "sleep plan". Don't know how much sleeping was done in the pouring rain....but based on what I saw...your NC's have learned to sleep in any conditions!

At 2350 I joined with F company, 4th Platoon and met the cadre and new cadets who I would march back. with. They were excited, well prepared, and the New Cadets were helping each other with the knowledge they would be reciting for the upcoming year to upperclassmen when asked...they were especially working on "the days"! Glad to see that some things never change at West Point :)

The march back. was conducted under extremely challenging conditions
(rain, mud, large puddles, slippery footing, very dark) at a quick pace. The NC's had a load on their backs of their personal equipment/clothes/bedpad and carried their M16 rifles. The cadre of upperclassmen monitored the progress and made appropriate corrections to the NC's to keep the formation tactical...maintaining proper intervals between each soldier. As an OLE grad, we were permitted to chat with the NC's and I used that privilege to learn about them and encourage them.

In F4 I had the opportunity to chat with numerous NC's from all over the country. I would ask them where they were from, why they chose West Point, how the summer had been, etc. I encouraged them and their tenacity encouraged me. Some of the NC's I was with were from: Puerto Rico (a former prepster); Cincinnati, Ohio; a female from Denver; a female from the Atlanta area; a lacrosse player from Long Island; another lacrosse player from Western, NY around Syracuse; a male from Michigan....just to name a few of the many.

We had a 2 hour break at the ski slope prior to marching back in formation for the pass and review at the superintendent's quarters. An hour into the break I decided to try and locate a few NC's who I knew or were from my state. When I returned to the NC area I was impressed to see the NC's doing many tasks necessary prior to entering West Point. Many were cleaning their equipment and attending to their feet. Some were catching up on much needed sleep. All were doing something they felt necessary to be successful in the coming hours.

Be assured that your NC's have met and exceeded even the highest expectations they had prior to entering West Point. This week was a great week of training by anyone's standards! Challenging would be an understatement! And they did their best...and have completed BEAST! Now they know what they call it BEAST!! Know that they can be proud to be counted as a cadet in a few short days. I look forward to congratulating them!

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