Memory 2
CBT Regimental March Back, Class of 2007
August 12, 2003

We were all lined up on the street waiting with anticipation. When the band came by and started playing "The Army Goes Marching on" with the New Cadets marching behind my heart swelled with pride! Seeing those new cadets marching by with looks of pride and accomplishment in their eyes was a sight to behold! Yes, some did look a bit tired but determined and proud. As they passed in front of the viewing platform they all turned their heads in that direction. Much to my surprise my NC marched past me so close I could have touched him! As everyone applauded and cheered I could see in the NC's eyes how proud they were of their accomplishment.

After the parade they went into formation then had their MRE's. As we all watched with pride I could not help laughing at the situation. Some of us even had binoculars! The NC's probably got quite a chuckle out of us because we all looked like we were at a zoo looking at the unusual animals. The only thing missing was some bread to feed them!

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