Memory 1
Acceptance Day, Class of 2007
August 16, 2003

What a great day. We arrived at WP aprox. 9:15 this morning. We only live a short distance away. We found a great picnic site. The weather was hot and VERY muggy. The viewing stands were very crowded, we couldn't get a spot in front of our cadets regiment. Lots of Grads and well wishers. The mood was festive. Every time a cool breeze would waft by there was a collective sigh. Thankfully a PA broadcast many interesting facts about WP and the history of certain customs, including saluting and mustering up... At 10:00 the corps was beginning to pour out of the sallyports and converge on to the Plain. It really was a sight to behold. The crowd was hushed as new cadet companies formed up facing away from the bleachers and the rest of the Corps of Cadets was facing them from across the Plain. The New Cadets were given the order to join their company and each company glided across the field and seamlessly joined their new company. The new companies then passed the reviewing stand (Supe, Commandant and more) and paraded their way back into the barracks area. It really was awe inspiring. At exactly 11:00 it was over. We made our way back to our chosen picnic site, primped and set out food. At noon we were too excited to sit any more and walked up to the McArthur monument to begin the uncertain wait. We saw a few cadets at a time trickle out. Everytime we saw a female from afar we just knew it was our daughter, they really all do look alike.Then from
300 yards away I saw a lone female striding our way. That walk was unmistakeable. Then the grin. We met in the middle of the apron. It was a beautiful moment. One armed hugs all around. We had our cadet for the rest of the day. Beautiful. I will sleep tonite.

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