Army v. Hawaii 11.22.03

While Army may have not had the higher score at the game this weekend -- all those in attendance - the cadets, former grads, countless service men and women in Hawaii showed the spirit! At the game, watching the players on the field as well the fans in the stands was awesome. Everyone was behind the long gray line!

The weekend was about a football game and so much more...

Visiting Pearl Harbor, we saw a wreath that the Football Team had placed on the memorial - very, very moving.

On Friday was a wonderful sold-out Luau and Pep Rally - with the Rabble Rouser Cheerleaders and Spirit Band. Performing in the rain - these cadets brought together everyone with their enthusiasm - they played and cheered wonderfully.

The football players were not able to attend as they were busy preparing for the game. We heard that the waves from tropical storm on the other side of the Island may have kept them from their hotel for a while.? [The local news reported the waves closed many roads, beaches and schools.]

On Saturday, the OLDEST LIVING GRAD 102 years old - was in attendance at the sold-out tailgate! And the class of '59 was having a reunion all weekend.

Many thanks to all who are affiliated with this wonderful institution who have the insight to coordinate activities around the games. As the parents of a Plebe we are so in awe as we learn first hand from others what the support of Long Gray Line really means.

Go Army - Beat Navy!

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