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2006 R-Day

Photos by Smith Family

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7-1 West Point MAPS.jpg

Cadre Entering.jpg

Cadre in the Salleyport.jpg

Cadre Preparing for New Cadets 2.jpg

Cadre Waiting for New Cadets.jpg

Color Guard at Parade.JPG

F Company at Oath Ceremony.JPG

F Company at Parade Rest.JPG

F Company at Parade.JPG

F Company Preparting to Take Oath.JPG

F Company Taking Oath 2.JPG

F Company Taking Oath 3.JPG

F Company Taking Oath 4.JPG

F Company Taking Oath.JPG

G Company At Attention.JPG

G Company Waiting in Line.JPG

G Company Marching after Oath.JPG

Instruction from a Cadre Member.jpg

New Cadets & Blue Bags 2.jpg

New Cadets & Blue Bags 3.jpg

New Cadets & Blue Bags 4.jpg

New Cadets & Blue Bags 5.jpg

New Cadets & Blue Bags 6.JPG

New Cadets & Blue Bags 7.jpg

New Cadets & Blue Bags 8.jpg

New Cadets Marching to Take Oath.JPG

New Cadets on R Day.jpg

New Cadets With Cadre in Salleyport.JPG

New Cadets With Their New Bags.jpg

Preparing for New Cadets in Salleyport.jpg

Preparing to Report to the Cadet in the Red Sash.JPG

Reporting at Drill # 3.jpg

Reporting to the Cadre 2.jpg

Reporting to the Cadre.jpg

Salleyport Drill # 2.jpg

Salleyport Drill.jpg

Saying Goodbye.jpg

Two Members of the Cadre.JPG
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