June 29, 2000

R Day has come!

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Parents: We took all the photos we could but we couldn't be everywhere. We would appreciate any others you may be able to send to us. Please send your photos and memories to the Nobles for inclusion on the page. We need all the help we can get.

Thanks to the following who have added to our collection:

  • The Hatcher family
  • Tom and Kathy Root
  • The Rosenfeld family
  • The Stephen Sapol family
  • Tara
  • Rob and Janet Zahora
  • USMA Website

  • R-Day Memories

    R-Day,... It was an awesome sight to see all these young adults preparing to embark on a wonderful future. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting all the Officers standing throughout the line outside Michie Stadium. They all were very interested in learning where the new cadet was from, how our stay was going, and offered encouragement to our son.

    The procession into the stadium went very quickly. It all seemed to pass in a blur, especially when the "90 seconds to say goodbye" order came. We couldn't say all we wanted to say, but it seemed those around us were also remarkably quiet. I heard one new cadet admonish his Father, "Dad, no mushy stuff, just shake my hand and say goodbye". It was so quiet in the stands as we all watched our future leaders of our great nation march across the field. Not one of them turned around either. Parents in the stands were completely quiet. We all just walked down the stands to our awaiting busses. Lots of teary eyes, tissues and weak smiles.

    We met lots of other 2004 parents and enjoyed chatting with them. All seemed to be very nice people.

    We spent our time wandering around post and videotaping all inanimate and moving objects we could find. Time came to prepare for the Oath Ceremony and I knew the rain would not hold off. We stood out there and watched all the military people running around watching the sky. All of a sudden a parent shouted out "they are moving it to the hall!" In a movement that would have made their new cadets proud, new cadet parents/friends etc.. scurried "en masse"to the stairs and "took" the hall!

    We loaded into the balconies, sad because there was no way to really see the ceremony. We did catch glimpses of new cadets marching in the doors. Most of the parents around us just held their cameras way above their heads and kept filming/clicking away. There was just no hope of locating ones' son or daughter in the group. It all seemed to be over so quickly, anthem, speech, oath, Army song, and good bye. It was neat the way everyone applauded for the new cadets. I hope they heard some of that support.

    Karen Blankenheim GO ARMY- BEAT NAVY