Protectors of the Free - 2003

Class of 2003
Recognition Day

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Class Crest and pictures from Recognition Day, March 2000.

Protectors of the Free - 2003
Class Crest

Messing with the plebes for the last time.

More messing with the plebes for the last time.

A little fun in formation.

Yelling out knowledge.

Two plebes at parade rest being hazed for the last time.

"Locked up" on the wall for the last time.

Calling minutes for the last time.

Announcing dessert for the last time.

A corporal and her plebe.

Plebe shaking hands with the company commander.

Corporal and plebe.

Plebe and corporal.

Holding first brass and a note from firstie mentor.

A corporal and his plebe.

Upperclass forms a line and shakes the plebes hands to introduce themselves by first name.

Company shaking hands before getting ready to fall back in and head for dinner.

Platoon 2

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