Ring Ceremony

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A memorable day... it RAINED for the class of 2002

 ...at least during practice.

TACs position themselves

March Down to Trophy Point 

Marching down


The corps

The Corps

Brigadier General Olson

The Ring Boxes

The firsties applaud their parents

Receiving their Rings

Receiving rings

Class of 2002 putting on their rings

Class of 2002 dismissed
(looking at each others' rings)

How wonderful can any individual feel?

All smiles

Three friends

Proud "Mom's"
(one is God Mother) 


1951 and 2002
The living Long Gray Line


2002 and 1951 faces!


More of the ceremony...


G3 marchdown



Through a Plebe's legs


'67 and '02











Inspection of the ring 









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At the end of the ring ceremony, and as the firsties filtered into the barracks, a rumble of sound started to come from central area. It could be heard from trophy point. That rumble quickly became a roar of sound. The ring poop had begun....


"Oh my God, sir/madam!

What a beautiful ring!

What a crass mass of brass and glass!

What a bold mold of rolled gold!

See how it sparkles and shines!

It must have cost you a fortune!

May I touch it please, sir/madam"


In an attempt to hold the Firsties back from taking their leave of West Point for the weekend, they were rushed upon entry to change their clothes and pick up their belongings, and again as they attempted to leave. There were at least five plebes to every firstie.

...What a beautiful ring!


 .........What a crass mass of brass and glass!

...What a bold mold of rolled gold!

Getting ready for the next wave.... and keeping parents and friends out of the area...



What is this? An old grad who never had ring poop recited to him?


...See how it sparkles and shines!



...It must have cost you a fortune!


...May I touch it please, sir?

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