From this point on, the mother of an '02 Cadet (Daniel) will tell the story. She sent me this account for the Diary, but it seems she captured a universal feeling, and her account can better serve here in the "photo album".

Before any of you make comment about the music selected for this page, this entire site is filled with "hooah" music. this one is for the "Mom's".... Ok? Thank you!

"Our family stepped into an incredible world where every nook and cranny permeates with history. When you walk through the campus, you breathe an invigorating brisk air of duty, honor, country. The granite monuments, the endless number of statutes, ancient gothic buildings and tear-inspiring engravings, make you feel as if any minute Washington, Patton, Eisenhower, McArthur, Custer, Stonewall Jackson, Lee, Armistead, Pershing, will walk by to take you on tour. It's a living- breathing monument to everything that is good about our country -- courage, duty, patriotism, integrity. "

"While you are being seeped in tradition and American honor, you see your son dressed in the same tailored gold-buttoned uniform that most of the bravest and best men of this country wore -- it is overwhelming. Tears flowed from all of our eyes to see the pride on his face and in his walk. My baby had become a man."

"My cadet is so happy and definitely in his element. He was crisp in his salutes, arrow straight in his walk, absolutely perfectly tailored to the last detail. I became the child and he the parent. Although PDA is not permitted (public display of affection), he hugged and kissed us all -- many times. I saw dozens of other cadets who did the same -- I think the powers of be wanted it that way."

"The cool autumn "backdrop" was fantastic -- the bright red, orange and yellow leaves were richly vivid and the views from the curving mountain down to the stoned campus and Hudson River was spectacular. We took endless rolls of pictures. The museum held artifacts like the plaster mask of Sitting Bull, Hitler's pistol, McArthur's class ring, Armistead's portrait, Lee's personal letters and uniforms -- hundreds and hundreds of similar items. "

"The cemetery houses the remains of the most famous men who have walked on American soil. Their epithets stir your heart and bring tears to your eyes. Everywhere you see the hallowed headstones with small stones and rocks lying on top to signify people giving honor to the men who saved their lives or the lives of their ancestors. Even in the mess hall -- a star shaped building larger than several football fields -- there are paintings, murals and painted windows displaying the greatest moments of history."



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