Class of 2001 Pistol Information (FAQ)

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The Class Pistol will cost $700 total, $350 of which must be received as a down payment before 1 December 2000. (a change from the previous date) Make checks out to "West Point Pistol Team."

Qualifying Requirements to Purchase a Pistol:

* No mental health problems
* Written approval of Tactical Officer (cadets only. Parents do not face this restriction.)
* Not a convicted felon
* Must provide the shipping address of a local firearms dealer who has agreed to receive the pistol and transfer it to the cadet, along with a copy of the dealer's Federal Firearms License (FFL).
* Any person (i.e. family members, etc.) who passes the background check and meets the above administrative requirements can purchase the class pistol.


We will ship the pistols as soon as we can after they arrive at West Point to the dealer provided by each purchaser. The expected delivery date is in early Spring. Unfortunately, no pistols will be transferred directly to cadets on West Point, due to safety concerns. All pistols purchased will be shipped to FFL-holders, who will then transfer the ownership of the pistol to the purchaser.

Dealer FFL/Dealer Pick-Up

All persons ordering class pistols must mail a letter to CDT Pat Sleem, P.O. Box 1336, West Point, NY 10997. This letter must contain the following:

  1. Name, address and phone number of person ordering the class pistol.
  2. Name (or business name), address, and phone number of FFL dealer to which the pistol will be shipped.
  3. A legible copy of the dealer's FFL, printed on letter-sized paper (8.5" X 11").

Local and State Laws:

Before ordering your Class Pistol, check your local and state firearms laws.


CDT Sleem
Pistol Team

Sleem, Patrick 845-515-2957