Restoration of World War II Historical Markers on Bataan

    Edna Binkowski lives in Limay, Bataan and is an advocate of the history of World War II in the Philippines.  She has a passion for helping other to understand the events of the defensive campaign on Bataan in 1941-42.  She began efforts long ago to get historical markers erected at appropriate locations on Bataan so as to commemorate significant events of that campaign.  Also, she works (with the help of many organizations and individuals) to restore historical markers that have deteriorated for various reasons.

    The following photos show some examples of restoration projects.  Each small photo on this page is a "thumbnail".  Click on the "thumbnail" to see the full-size photo.  After viewing the full-size photo, click on the back arrow to return to this page.

    Restoration of the Battle of the Tuol Pockets marker:
                                Before restoration:                    After restoration:

    The next three are markers in need of restoration now!

        Pantingan Massacre                        

    Notice that the Pantingan Massacre marker is behind a property fence.  Edna has gotten the property owner's agreement to donate the portion of land where the monument is located so that the public may get to the monument.  See Prisoners of the Japanese by Gavan Daws pp. 74-75 for details of this massacre.  Restoration can proceed like Edna did with the Tuol Pockets marker as soon as the necessary money becomes available.

    WW II Fil-Am Nurses Memorial


    Zoom in on the World War II Fil-Am Nurses Memorial to see how it has been vandalized .  Unfortunately, it is now in need of renovation.

     Final Battle


    As you can see, the Final Battle marker has become part of a property fence.  It needs work so it will be more accessible to the public.

    The above photos show why help is needed so that more historical markers can be restored and maintained.  Edna uses most of the proceeds from her tours for these projects; however, donations are needed to help with this very important work.  Please help even if it is only a small donation.  Make checks payable to "Edna Binkowski" and note that it is for "Preserve Bataan History".  Mail checks to John B. Lewis, 16415 Jersey Drive, Jersey Village, TX 77040-2021.  John Lewis will assemble the checks and send them to Edna's bank.

    Edna has written a very interesting and informative book about espionage and resistance in the Philippines.  This book reveals how the lives of many POWs were saved by the daring efforts of many brave people in the underground resistance.  The title of this book is Code Name: High Pockets: True Story of Claire Phillips, an American Mata Hari and the WW II Resistance Movement in the Philippines.  For more information about this book, click on High Pockets.

    For information about Edna's next World War II History Tour in the Philippine Islands, click TOUR.