Diocese of Memphis In Tennessee
Diaconate Candidate ListServ, a.k.a. Deacon-2K@West-Point.Org
          The purpose of the Deacon-2k listserv is to promote electronic communication among the members of the Diaconate Formation class of the Diocese of Memphis, their instructors, mentors, and spiritual advisors, and the wider Catholic clergy community of the Diocese of Memphis. Membership in this list is open to anyone in any of the above categories.

          This listserv will rebroadcast automatically any message addressed to <deacon-2k@west-point.org> to all the people listed as members of the listserv. Some possible applications of this list would be:

  • Announcements of activities involving the Diaconate formation class;
  • Prayer requests from members of the listserv;
  • Family News regarding members of the class, the wider community, or their families;
  • Other stuff as deemed appropriate by the moderator and the members.

          Obviously, the rules of polite society apply here. Please do not use the listserv to solicit business (without asking permission first), and do not pass on the addresses of those who are members of the listserv without asking permission of the member first. All discussions carried out on the listserv should be polite, professional, and should display the attitude of Christ in approaching a particular problem. (Just ask yourself, "What would Jesus say/do/post?"). And it goes without saying that conversations held here should be treated with the same confidence one would apply to a live conversation. Please do not pass on any message posted here to any person who is not a member of the list without, again, obtaining the permission of the original poster.

          Ideas or suggestions regarding uses for the list are always welcome, and should be addressed to the moderator. This listserv exists to serve the interests and needs of the Diaconate community of the Diocese of Memphis; all suggestions are welcome.

Since May 4, 1997