tuzla-th.jpg (1141 bytes) Tuzla Air Base is located at Camp Eagle (aka Tuzla Main or Eagle Main).  It houses Task Force Eagle Headquarters.
life-th.jpg (1171 bytes) A residential area of Tuzla (the city of)
ballo-th.jpg (1071 bytes) TF 1-36 IN soldiers unload ballots from the Nov 22-23 Republika Srpska National Assembly elections.
rdblo-th.jpg (1113 bytes) Roadblocks draw attention to locals' gripes.
polic-th.jpg (1068 bytes) Local Police get regular customers from SFOR units (see below!).
wire-th.jpg (1028 bytes) Two locals caught red-handed stealing our barbed wire.
kids-th.jpg (1303 bytes) The future of Bosnia-Herzegovina.


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