This is the place for news from the class of 1996 in Bosnia.  See the links at the bottom for regular Bosnia news.

26 JAN 98  Nate Johnson

            If you have been watching the world news lately, you have noticed there have been some significant positve events lately. Our (1-36 IN) re-deployment schedule has slipped... rather, is slipping. Apparently there is some disagreement at a higher level as to the best rotation schedule. This may be indicative of other units' schedules changing also. Stay tuned. BTW, if you know anyone in Bosnia who is not on the list on the Bosnia 1996 page, drop me an email at with a hint so I may track them down. Thanks.

16 JAN 98  Nate Johnson

            Woo Hoo!  Since you are reading this, it means the page is finally up!  I will be heading back to Germany within the next two months (hopefully) and then set my sights for someplace warm, perhaps Cancun, Mexico for a couple weeks of hedonism.  Never been there before, anyone have any advice?

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