The only folks I know about for sure right now are:

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Name Branch Job Location Email (if provided for this page)
Shane Celeen AR TF 1-36 A/1-37 AR PLT LDR Camp Bedrock  
Pat Dagan EN TF 1-36 Engineer Camp Bedrock  
Carl Giorgi FA 4BDE (Aviation) BDE A/S-4 Commanche Base;
Nate Johnson MI TF 1-36 A/S-2 Camp Bedrock
Brian Swinehart FA TF 1-36 D/1-36 IN FSO Camp Bedrock  
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Phone calls into country:  If you get a phone number for someone and it is an MSE number, try using a DSN line and asking your local operator to connect you to the Tuzla operator.  Finally, ask the Tuzla operator to connect you to the MSE number.  The phone system is notoriously bad, keep trying.


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