Company G-3, 1986: Spring 2006 Reunion - 31 Mar thru 1 Apr 2006

The Class of 1986, Company G-3 Reunion was a Complete Success!

A total of 9 Gophers and 7 Significant others ventured from all over the United States to attend this first Gopher Reunion. Those attending were:

Gunther and Rita Lott
Billy and Micki Hensley
X and Bobbi
Bobby White and Heidi
The Heat
Weasel and Jenn Purcel
Joel and Kim Schlachtenhaufen
Landon Lack
Schlim and Peggy Simmons

As you might expect a lot of drinking and talking were done during the reunion, but that's not all. Side trips were taken by various parties at various time to ski  in the Lake Tahoe Region, to go sight seeing, go antique shopping, and wine-tasting in local towns, gambling at hotels/casinos in the region. Generally, during the day, people with similiar interests would venture out to locations and enjoy what the area had to offer. Then in the late afternoon we would reconviene at the hotel for eating, drinking and gambling. Take a look at the Photos page of our website for some of the photographs from the reunion.

Our two activities at the hotel turned out very well. Bobby White did an excellent job of arranging our accomodations and activities. Both the cocktail reception and the banquet dinner were top notch and enjoyed by everyone. We also need to thank Ivy who, although he couldn't make it, arranged to pick up a round of drinks for us during the banquet.

Everyone seemed to have the same opinion that they would all like to do this again. One of the recommendations was that we meet each year on a specific weekend, but at different locations around the country. Places with a variety of activities and located in areas accessible to as many Gophers as possible. There have been a couple ideas put out for future reunions, but let's let the dust settle on the first reunion before we dive into planning the next. But if any of you have specific ideas for reunion locations and timing - please share your thoughts.