Company G-3, 1986: News Briefs

May 25, 2006:  
T Brehm (Schiffer) reports that she's in Germany and is fortunate enough to have those fresh German beers available to drink. Speaking as the person who introduced T, Les, and Dean Rogers to fresh German beers (an impromptu tailgate with the Family Cruiser) and took them on their first trip to the Monastery at Kreuzburg - I must admit that I am extremely jealous.

May 24, 2006: On June 5, 2006 Tom Climer takes command of the 2d Battalion, 2d Aviation Regiment at the K16 Airbase in South Korea. Congratulations Tom! I checked into airfares, but I couldn't come up with the $3,300 to fly over for the change of command.

April 30, 2006: Bobby White and his girlfriend Heidi have become engaged. No specific date has yet been set for the wedding. All of you at the reunion will remember Heidi for her engaging conversation, kind personality, and an aerobatic dismount from a bed during a Texas Hold 'em game. I am very glad to hear that the Gophers at the reunion didn't cause Heidi to go running away screaming. Although it's looks like Bobby is going to push his luck by attending the October reunion with Heidi.  All kidding aside, Congratulations Bobby and Heidi! We're looking forward to seeing you in October.