The following members of the Class of 1980 are deceased (based on information in the AOG database):

2LT Russ Altizer 15 Sep 80
1LT Raymond Padro 20 Sep 82
1LT George Hervey 5 Dec 82
CPT Drew Harrington 16 Dec 84
Mr. Ronald DePaul 30 May 87
Mr. Scott Stich 31 May 93
CPT (Ret) Randy Rutledge 28 Jun 95
Mr. Raymond Murchek 26 Mar 96
CPT Rob Doering 16 Jun 98
Mr. George Johnson 7 Dec 00
Mr. Bob Tatu 22 May 01
Mr. Cristobal Rugama14 Apr 02
Mr. Perry Toscano23 May 07
Mr. Joseph Fetzer15 Feb 10
Mr. Michael Grogan2 Oct 11
Mr. David Rameden26 Feb 12
Mr. Daniel Kostyshak2 Sep 12
Mr Albert "Mac" Cox2 Oct 13

The following cadet members of the Class of 1980 died before reaching Graduation:

Mr. James Davis 2 Jan 77
CDT Richard Mull 20 May 77
CDT Charles Pendleton 3 Jan 78
CDT Charles Montoya 8 Sep 79
CDT Reginald Johnson 11 Apr 80

As was written in our Howitzer by Lloyd Miles:

Farewell, young knights!
Forgive me for these solemn tears I cry.
But who would not cry for friends
Who knew the same fears,
Shared the same experiences,
Felt the same pride,
And heard the same fading echo
Of a Corps long dead.
Somehow it does not seem right
That four knights so young in years
Should feel an icy dart from Death.
And fall beneath his shade
While he pursues his timeless course.
And yet, in spite of the tears,
I know that Death's triumph
Will be short-lived.
For soon you will conquer Death
And live a life that will not end,
Filled with love and bliss,
Far greater than we who live
Below your new home
Could ever dream of.
No longer will you feel
The pains of a world dying in sin,
Or the crimes of man against man.
Your new home will be
More than a paradise to you,
With sights more beautiful
Than the golden sunset,
Sounds more sweet
Than the song of the morning bird.
And all of this, until time itself,
Is no more.
Perhaps, it is you,
Who should be crying . . . for us. 

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