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  • Listserver Moderators.  Just a reminder that Doug Lobdell is mobilized his USAR battalion and passed the listserver duties over to Mike Luttmann (H-1), Rich Polo (I-1) and Steve Tobin (F-2).
  • Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Thanks to Rich Polo (and all that contributed) for compiling a list of our class that deployed, or have deployed, to Southwest Asia for Operation Iraqi Freedom:

    LTC(P) John Agoglia, J5 Plans, CENTCOM, Qatar
    COL(P) Chuck Anderson, Chief of Staff, 32nd Army Air & Missile Defense Cmd (AAMDC), Kuwait
    BG Vince Brooks, Deputy for Operations & Coalition spokesman, HQ, CENTCOM, Qatar
    COL Dave Brown, G3 section (runs the Corps TOC), V Corps, Iraq
    Robin Carrington, US Dept of State, American Embassy, Baghdad, Iraq
    LTC(P) Curt Cheeseman, J5 Plans, CENTCOM, Qatar
    COL Perry Clawson, Cdr, 1186th Transportation Terminal Bde, Mil Traffic Mgmt Cmd (MTMC), CENTCOM AOR
    John Davis
    Pat Donahue
    COL Alex Dornstauder, Chief of Staff, USACE Gulf Region Division, Baghdad, Iraq
    LTC Bruce Dow, HQ, CENTCOM (stateside)
    LTC Bill Duffy, Cdr, TF 513 Military Intelligence (MI), Coalition Forces Land Component Cmd (CFLCC), Kuwait
    LTC Dale Egger, Cdr, 3/289th Training Spt Bn (stateside)
    Jim Embrey
    , CFLCC, Kuwait
    COL Mark Eshelman, 3rd Army, CENTCOM AOR
    LTC TJ Farrell, Force Protection Ofcr, 143rd TRANSCOM, Shaiba Port, Kuwait
    COL Tim Glaeser, Cdr, 11th ADA Bde (Patriot), Kuwait
    MAJ Curt Grayer, Deputy Cdr, 310th Personnel Spt Group (stateside, but in receipt of deployment orders to CENTCOM AOR)
    LTC Vern Greene, Cdr, 1181st Transportation Terminal Bn (stateside)
    COL Ben Hodges, Cdr, Bastogne Bde (1st Bde), 101st Airborne Div, Iraq
    LTC Frank Hudson, assignment undisclosed, 5th Special Forces Group (SFG), location undisclosed
    LTC Doug Lobdell, Cdr, 3/361 Training Spt Bn (stateside)
    COL Tom Koning, Commander, Gulf Region Southern Engineer District, Basrah, Iraq
    LTC Jan Kozlowski, C7 (Engineer), Kuwait
    LTC Mark Kucera, Forward Engineer Spt Team (FEST-A), 18th Engr Bde, location undisclosed
    COL Mike Linnington, Cdr, Rakassan Bde (2nd Bde), 101st Airborne Div, Iraq
    COL Dave MacLean, J5-E (Pol-Mil), CDHQ, CENTCOM, Qatar
    COL Steve Mains, Chief, JFCOM J9 (Experiment) Lessons Learned Team, CENTCOM AOR
    Dr. (MAJ) Kathy Mathews, (Johnie Ham's wife), Bde Surgeon, 108th ADA Bde, Kuwait
    LTC Tom Miller, Civil Affairs Ofcr, enroute to CENTCOM AOR
    LTC Bob Morris, Task Force Restore Iraqi Oil (RIO), Kirkuk and Baghdad, Iraq
    LTC Paul Oettinger, Cdr, 195th Contract Support Detachment, Kuwait
    COL John Peabody, Cdr, Engr Bde, 3rd Inf Div, Iraq
    COL Dave Perkins, CDR, 2nd Bde, 3rd Inf Div, Baghdad, Iraq
    COL Tony Puckett, J5, CFLCC, Kuwait
    LTC Willie Ramos, Cdr, 345th Rear Area Operations Center (RAOC), Kuwait
    CW3 Kathy Silvia, enroute to CENTCOM AOR
    COL(P) Joe Votel, Cdr, 75th Ranger Rgmt, location undisclosed
    Kurt Westerman

    We've come a long way from those cadet days at West Point!  Who would have thought that our classmates would have been the backbone of the leadership for Operation Iraqi Freedom.  I have some pictures in the Scrap Book section . . . please feel free to contribute more!  Click here for a report of Ben Hodges' unit during OIF by embedded reporter Jim Lacey . . .

  • Have You Forgotten?  LTG Bob Flowers, Chief of Engineers, shared the following PowerPoint slide show accompanied by Daryl Worley's song, "Have You Forgotten", with those of us in the Fort Worth Engineer District during an April town hall meeting.  It's well done (at least on the same level as the cadet productions . . . ) and certainly keeps some of the visual perspectives in place as we move further from September 11, 2001.

  • Calvary Hall.  Deb Lewis continues to work hard to raise funds for a new equestrian facility to be called Calvary Hall on the grounds of Morgan Farms at West Point.  To this end, she and the West Point Society of Philadelphia (WPSP) commissioned Don Stivers to paint Captain Charles Parsons (USMA Class of June 1861) and his student, CDT Robert Carter, at Redoubt 4.  The print, titled No Shortcuts to Greatness is available through the WPSP for a short time longer for $150 + $20 S/H.  Click here for more information including a photo of the print.  I'm kind of partial to the scene at Redoubt 4 after trudging up there in 20 inches of snow on 1 January 2000 to take pictures of the snowy Hudson Valley for Debbie and Stivers.

  • The Soldier.  A poem circulated around concerning the contributions of soldiers.  I reprint it here for those not on the listserver:

                                         The Soldier

    I want you to close your eyes and picture in your mind the soldier at Valley Forge, as he holds his musket in his bloody hands. He stands barefoot in the snow, starved from lack of food, wounded from months of battle and emotionally scarred from the eternity away from his family surrounded by nothing but death and carnage of war.

    He stands though, with fire in his eyes and victory on his breath. He looks at us now in anger and disgust and tells us this...

    "I gave you a birthright of freedom born in the Constitution and now your children graduate too illiterate to read it......  

    I fought in the snow barefoot to give you the freedom to vote and you stay at home because it rains.....

    I left my family destitute to give you the freedom of speech and you remain silent on critical issues, because it might be bad for business......

    I orphaned my children to give you a government to serve you and it has stolen democracy from the people......"

    It is the soldier not the reporter who gives you the freedom of the press.

    It is the soldier not the poet who gives you the freedom of speech.

    It is the soldier not the campus organizer who allows you to demonstrate.

    It is the soldier who salutes the flag, serves the flag, whose coffin is draped with the flag that allows the protester to burn the flag!!!

    "Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us. Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us in our time of need. I ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.  Amen."

  • Cold War Certificate.  Bill Rychener  (I-4) passed on this sample letter requesting a Cold War Certificate:

    Cold War Recognition
    4035 Ridge Top Road
    Fairfax, VA 22030-7445

    Please send me a Cold War Recognition Certificate for my service to the United States government during the authorized period of September 2, 1945 to December 26, 1991.

    Enclosed is a copy of my DD Form 214 with my Social Security Number, which verifies my Army service during the Cold War Era. I understand that the enclosed copy will not be returned.

    Please mail my Cold War Recognition Certificate to the following address:

  • Professional Engineer Certification.  Classmates offer this advice for getting additional PE licenses:

    I would very STRONGLY recommend that you get yourself a Council Record after you get the VA license.  This will allow you to fast-track a license in any other state within weeks of application, which is of course important if you are expecting to land consultng work in different states.  You may find a few obstacles to overcome since USMA was not an ABET school when we were cadets. But, VA is "military friendly" for PE licensure, and based on what I think I know of your career, you should be able to get a license anywhere to pratice.  States have now become very friendly to "engineering professors", to include applied mathematicians.

    Ditto on The NCEES record. With a NCEES record my NC & SC PE license was
    granted in less than 6 weeks and I did not have to sent out 3 requests for
    transcripts, 5 engineers references, and 8 work references for both NC & SC.
    It is a real time saver after the first PE license.

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Class Trivia

  • Active Duty Strength.  Mike Helmick reports that we have 181 classmates remaining on active duty (26 Jun 01), not including special branches such as JAG, Chaplain, etc.

  • According to the 2002 Register of Graduates:

    • Class summary - Total graduated 913, Living 903, Deceased 10

    • Class of 1980 members entered the Academy on 8 July 1974 (3), 7 July 1975 (18), and 7 July 1976 (892).  We graduated on the following dates: 28 May, 26 June, 24 July, 18 August, 9 September, and 20 December 1980.  Our Graduation Address was given by The Honorable Harold Brown, Secretary of Defense.

  • Sons and daughters of the Class of 1980 enrolled or graduated from USMA.  Here are the known . . .


John Henry Allison 2007 Marene (Nyberg) Allison
Justin Tyler Bokmeyer 2007 Seth Bokmeyer
Donald Wood Bridge 2007 Donald Bridge
Shaun Alan Collins 2007 Pete Collins
Alex Joseph Duffy 2006 William Duffy
Thomas J. Endres 2006 Thomas Endres
Sarah Michele Gerstein 2007 Dan Gerstein and Kathy (Wheless) Gerstein
Brittany Ryan Smith 2003 Michael Greene
Margaret Ann Kulungowski 2006 Mark Kulungowski
Michael Steven Linnington 2005 Michael Linnington
Jennifer Leigh MacGibbon 2007 Kevin MacGibbon and Carol (Young) MacGibbon
Mindy Michelle McCaughey 2006 Richard McCaughey
Robert Eric Medina 2000 Russell Medina
Joseph Matthew Palumbo 2005 Peter Palumbo
Daniel Edward Pedersen 2002 Kevin Pedersen
George Henry Rhynedance 2007 George Rhynedance
Randy Matthew Schultz 2003 Warren Schultz
Sean Michael Snook 2007 Scott Snook and Kathy (Gerard) Snook
Kyle Scott Snook 2008 Scott Snook and Kathy (Gerard) Snook
Chris Frederick Stoinoff 2007 Chris Stoinoff
Kevin Phillip Stramara 2006 Kevin Stramara
Kyle Robert Stramara 2008 Kevin Stramara
David Ryan Talbott 2006 Michael Talbott
Raymond Anthony Thomas 2007 Tony Thomas
Michael Patrick Thomas 2008 Tony Thomas
Walter Donald Thomas 2007 Walt Thomas
Samuel Cecil Vaden 2007 David Vaden
Scott Davis Warnke 2006 John Warnke
David George Weart 2008 Jeffrey Weart
Joseph Thomas Woods 2007 George Woods
Felix Leon Zayas


Jerry Zayas
Brittany Smith


Mike & Carin Greene

  • Class Rings, Miniatures and "A" Pins.  These items can be replaced, refitted or purchased using the contact information below:


    Herff Jones
    Attn: Paul Paradis or Gail Gilliard
    226 Public Street
    Providence, RI 02905
    (800) 451-3304, ext 127 or 180
    email: or

     "A" PINS:

    Balfour NA
    Attn: Jayne Roland
    P.O. Box 259
    320 Kinderkamack Road
    Oradell, NJ 07649
    (201) 262-8800

    The information is also on the AOG web site at:

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