Autobiographical Memorial Data Packet Jan 2011

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Formerly Self Written Guidelines

Autobiographical Data in Support of Future Memorial Articles

to be published in TAPS by the West Point Association of Graduates

the memorial article program is funded in part by the long gray line endowment

May I submit the basics of a draft memorial article for myself, prepared by me or others?

Yes; we encourage you to do so. Send it to the address below. Prior to publication, your next of kin will receive a copy for amending, as appropriate, and approval. See format immediately below.

— OR —

May I just provide supplementary biographical information?

Yes; you may send your biographical information along with some personal memories and reflections in a list format. See attached supplementary information sheets.

This format is provided as a guide for preparing memorials.

Preparing Memorial Articles can be a difficult task. Providing this information in advance will assist your loved ones, friends and classmates with writing your final tribute.

Life before West Point:

a. Date and place of birth.

b. Family background—military connection and/or lifestyle that helped prepare you for West Point.

c. High School—name, city and state.

d. Prior College—name, city and state.

e. Why did you want to attend West Point?

Cadet Life:

a. Special achievements or incidents as a cadet that tell more about you as a person.

b. What significant values, experiences or instruction were

carried over to your life after graduation?

Active Duty Period:

a. Branch.

b. Assignments; if answer to c. below is yes, disregard.

c. Is your Register information current and complete?

d. Significant assignments and achievements.

e. Date you left military service.

f. Did you retire?

g. Place of retirement.

h. Rank at retirement; specify if active, guard or reserve.

Civilian Employment after Military Service:

a. Career field.

b. Post graduate schools attended, degrees attained.

c. Position/s held—significant achievement/s.

d. Date you left civilian employment.

e. Did you retire?

f. Current address—city and state.

Family Life:

a. Date and place of marriage.

b. Name of spouse.

c. Name of children.

Life after Retirement:

a. Interests, hobbies, membersip in community and religious organizations, pursuits and accomplishments.

b. Reflection on your life—you as a person as you want to be


Additional sources of information about you and your life.

a. Family members.

b. Classmates.

c. Friends.

Additional Information:

Anything not covered above that you would like to share.

What about a photograph?

Each article is published with a photograph. Select one that represents how the graduate would have preferred to be remembered. The photo must be clear and in good condition and will be returned after publication. If the photo you wish to use is of great sentimental value, we suggest that you have it scanned at high resolution and send the disk to us instead of the actual photograph. Please do not send a photocopy or a word document with the photo embedded. These are not usable.

If a suitable photo cannot be found, the graduate’s Howitzer (USMA yearbook) photograph may be used. Digital photos must be high resolution (300 dpi saved as a .jpg). If the Memorial Article submitted is short (500–750 words), additional candid or formal photos reflecting military or similar service or defining interests may be submitted.

To whom do I send the article or information?

Memorial Articles

West Point Association of Graduates

698 Mills Road

West Point, NY 10996

Questions? Call 845 446-1545

800 232-4723 ext. 1545

Email submission to:

28 January 2011 (attachments)

Supplementary Information in Support of Future Memorial Articles

The information provided below will be very helpful in ensuring that an appropriate Memorial Article can be written for you. Please update information as significant changes occur—i.e.: military/civilian retirement, change in marital status.

Last Name First Name MI Title or Rank

Residence Address (Street or P.O. Box, City, State, Zip Code) Phone Number

Current Military Assignment or Place of Employment; Address Phone Number

Permanent Address Phone Number

High School

Appointment Information

Parent Information

Father’s Last Name First Name MI Father Deceased

Father’s Date of Birth (Month/Day/Year) Place of Birth (City/State or Country)

Mother’s Last Name First Name MI Mother Deceased

Mother’s Date of Birth (Month/Day/Year) Place of Birth (City/State or Country)

Marital Status

Married Single Widow Widower Divorced

Wife’s Maiden Name (or Husband’s Name) West Point Class, if applicable

Spouse’s Date/Place of Birth Date/Place of Marriage

If Spouse is Deceased, List Date and Place of Death

Name(s) of Spouse(s) by Previous Marriage(s); if USMA, Graduate include Class; indicate how marriage terminated

Individualswho might assist in preparation of Memorial Article—family members, classmatesor friend

Name Address Phone Email

Name Address Phone Email


Full Name Date & Place of Birth

Full Name/Class Year

Genealogical — West Point graduate ancestorsor descendants

Military Assignments(include Awards) / Civil Employment (cite firms): Attach additional pages as needed

Dates Unit/Firm Location Duty/Position Decoration/Awards

Military / Civilian Status

Now on active duty Rank: Retired from military Rank: Date:

Resigned/Separated Rank: Date: NG/USAR Rank:

Civilian Title, if any

Military (CGSCand above) / Civil Education

School Years Degree/Year Awarded

Photographs(protect for mailing; identify on back in pencil—no ink please)

Photo Enclosed Photo to be forwarded by email to

Remarks or other miscellaneous information you might wish to have included in your memorial; for example, favorite military assignments or civilian positions held—and why they were significant to you; community activities; hobbies; opinions or advice for current and future graduates; etc. Attach additional pages as needed.

Signature Date

Current email address

28 January 2011

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