About us

This is the class page for the United States Military Academy at West Point Class of 1968.

One thousand of us accepted appointments to the Academy, a few less reported for duty on July 1, 1964, and a few less (still over 900) took our oath that afternoon on the Plain. We were the first Plebe Class to go home for Christmas, as well as the first class to incur a five year service obligation after graduation. While we were the first class to learn all positions to execute Cadet Drill (FM22-5A), we were also the last class to be taught the maneuvers when the Corps converted over to Drill and Ceremonies practiced by the regular armed forces. Further, we were the first class to witness an Army Football victory over Navy in 6 years and have a record of most wins over Navy, we were the last class to know West Point as it was before the major construction of present day barracks in 1965. During our time as cadets, we earned 90 Major Army “As,” produced one College All American and one Olympic athlete. We further produced five “Century Men” and one Double Century Man.

On June 5, 1958, 706 of us graduated, threw our hats in the air, and embarked on new adventures and making history. We dispersed ourselves throughout the military in the following manner after graduation:

Armor 91
Corps of Engineers 68
Artillery 183
Infantry 189
Signal Corps 68
Military Intelligence 27
Tech and Admin Services 48
U.S. Air Force 22
U.S. Marine Corps 1
U.S. Navy 0
No Commission 7
Allied Cadets 2

During our period on military duty, the following statistics were reported to the West Point Association of Graduates for entry in its Register of Graduates:

Years served on active duty 9,688
Number of Combat Duty Tours 591
Combat Related Deaths 20
Lieutenant Generals: 4
Major Generals: 6
Brigadier Generals: 3
Distinguished Service Crosses: 2
Silver Stars: 63
Distinguished Flying Crosses: 18
Soldier’s Medals: 11
Bronze Star w/V 128
Air Medal w/V 35
Army Commendation Medal w/V 38
Purple Hearts: 115
Reported CIBs 87
Distinguished Service Medals: 18
Legions of Merit: 110

Professionally, we produced the following:

First Asst Sec Def for Special Opns & Low Intensity Conflict 1
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs 1
Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Stratigic Infrastructure 1
Assistant Attorney General of the Environment and Natural Resources 1
USMA Distinguished Graduates 1
USMAPS Commandants 1
Number of Doctors & Dentists: 50
Number of PhDs 15
Number of Lawyers: 50
Number of Ministers/Priests: 5
Number of Judges 2
Number of USMA Deans of the Academic Board 1
Number of USMA Academic Department Heads: 1
Number of College Presidents 2