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John Hedley brought company mate Tom Barnes up for a visit.  When Tom is not giving people new smiles through his dental skills, he is into local politics and is working with a 69 grad (the judge who refused an order by a federal judge to remove the 10 Commandments from the court house in Montgomery) who aspires to be the governor of Alabama, and needs all the help he can get with organizing an alumni support group.  Besides being on the Board of what is billed as the “most patriotic coffee shop in the world” in Mooresville, NC, John is deeply involved with his old Vietnam Recon Platoon in establishing a legacy with the current organization based in Hawaii.  By the time you read this, John and many of his “Fox Force” will have presented the red scarves they wore in Vietnam to the current Scout platoon – in time for the current members to deploy with them. 














[Photo #1 – “John Hedley, some grinning fool, and Tom Barnes at Lake Norman”]


Jim Jennings passed on an ESPN blog site that featured Jack Reed and his book, Football Clock Management.  The blog quotes Jack’s withering descriptions of many pro coaches and states that a couple of teams have even purchased copies of the book.  If you want to be friends with Jack on Facebook, you have to go through his son who will ask you which Facebook site you want – football or real estate – no option for just being a classmate.

While waiting to sell his home in the Indianapolis area and move to Park City, UT, Bill Jeffries was named by the Indianapolis Colts as one of the 20 Community Quarterbacks for his area involvement and volunteer work.  Beside his latest novel, Concord, he published another book on Psychological Type and Sales Mastery and has been asked by the Association of Psychological Type (APT) to be the Management and Organizational Development Interest Area Coordinator on the APT International Leadership team for 2010 and 2011.

Walt Meinshausen had run across an oceanographer named Dave Schulte and wondered if there was any relation.  Our Dave Schulte checked in from Kabul to state that there was no relationship, but ordered a dozen oysters…

Like Dave Schulte and John Keane, Bob Alexander continues to proudly serve.  He is currently struggling with a Government Contract he has been on forever because of new "Rules & Best Value" that made companies recompete each "Contract Task separately."  He is still at ALION Science & Tech, but he is looking into Civil Service as an option due to the Government Conversion Program that rids contractor positions and rolls them over to Civil Service.

One of Pat Jonas’ new years resolutions was to convert all of the slides he had taken as a cadet – mostly of the old L2, E4, G4, C4 gang and the mob that inhabited Snuffy’s.  While some of the photos are washed out, others cannot be printed here to protect a number of retired senior officers.  Needless to say, Gerry Weeks, Howard McElroy, Stash Parker, Tom Stites, Ollie Johnson, Chuck Mahan, Jim Stanley, Chuck Vehlow, Steve Marcuccilli, Nellie Laughton, and Hank Toczylowski should be greatly relieved. 






















[Photo #2 – “From an earlier day – F-B L-R: Tom Stites, Bob Henderson, B G Weeks, Ralph Tucillo; 2nd row Malcolm Murray, Nelson Laughton, Hank Toczylowski, Ollie Johnson; 3rd row Steve Frushour, Joe Finley, Pat Jonas; Last Row: Tom "TJ" Nolen (died just before graduation)]

Carrying on a lasting friendship, Nellie & Ann Laughton took a Space A flight to Germany last November, stayed with German friends and then went to Paris via train where they met up with Tom & Syl Stites who came from their apartment in Vienna.  While they were at the Arc de Triomphe on Armistice Day, they heard both the German Chancellor and French President speak; however, not a lot was understood in spite of how Nellie had excelled in German 45 years ago.














[Photo #3 – “Syl & Tom Stites and Nellie & Ann Laughton in Paris”]


In a more up-to-date venue, Chuck & Katy Vehlow took some time out from their vigorous schedules in Scottsdale, AZ to host a dinner for Rick Mason’s parents, Bob & Ruth (in town from KS visiting grandkids), and Mike (’70) & Bette Spengler Meulners.  Chuck & Katy have stayed in touch with the Masons over these many years since Rick’s passing in 1977.

Dave Clemm dropped a note to inform us that his and Jean’s youngest son, Robert, is working on his PhD in Military History at The Ohio State University and was accepted a a summer seminar at our alma mater, attended by students and professors from around the world.  His original advisor is now the head of the World War II Museum in New Orleans and will be one of the guest speakers.  Since Dave and I were in a number of classes together as cadets, I can only deduce that Robert got his military academic genes from Jean.

Gary & Patti Halstead attended Greg Camp's induction into the Chattahoochee Valley Sports Hall of Fame in Columbus, Georgia – a great tribute to Greg’s involvement and athletic participation both in his past and in his current lifestyle.  For example, while studying for his Masters Degree at Georgia Tech (after a year in Vietnam as an Infantryman,) he set the existing record for the mile.  Greg's records at West Point in the mile, half-mile and distance relay are still unbroken...  Since Greg is such a humble guy, we’re glad that Gary, Patti, and Greg’s and

















[Photo #5 – “  Jennifer Camp (daughter), Kendall Camp (granddaughter), Greg & Joanie Camp, Scott Camp (son), Jessica Camp (daughter-in-law), Coleman Camp (grandson), Seema Dhaliwal (Matt's fiancé), Matt Camp (son), Julie Gipe (sister-in-law) at Greg’s induction into the Chattahoochee Valley Sports Hall of Fame”]

Presenting a slightly different view of our modern day athletic prowess, Jay & Carol Crenshaw report that Jay had been looking forward to joining the over 65 senior softball league where they live in Prescott, AZ, since he figured that he would be the star of the league – for the first year or so.  After three games, Jay has found out that many of the geezers ran faster, threw harder, and hit the ball longer than he – and he's sure that most of them have backs, arms and legs that are nowhere as sore as his.  

Just to rub it in, Jock Merriam dropped a note and pictures showing the family in long sleeve over Christmas in south Florida, where temps plunged into the high 50s.  Jock is still Vice President for Business Development of Commercial, State and Local Programs for Shaw Environmental and Infrastructure, Inc., and freely admits that Malena is the best thing that ever happened to him.

















[Photo #6 – “The Merriams in South Florida at Christmas: daughter Jessica , son JJ and wife Barb, Jack (3), Anna (6), Jock & Malena”]

son JJ and wife Barb, Jack (3), Anna (6), Jock & Malena”]



















[Photo #7 – “In a more realistic weather setting, Jim Orahood with granddaughters Olivia and Gracie in Indiana”]


Joe Guignon reported on the DC area Class group date night at the Army Navy Country Club.- The theme of the event was REDUX West Point memorabilia – who could bring the most outlandish KEPT item.  Most of the brides pulled their “A” pins out of storage and proudly wore them.  A featured centerpiece was a slide rule. Dave Ohle brought the signed football from the 150 Lb team victory over Navy in 1967.  Jess Gatlin brought his old engineering books and the Atlases of Military battles.  Ken Nicholson came up from Newport News to display his Company E-3 beer mug.   Someone brought The Pointer magazine from June week 1968 with pictures of the Girls of 1968.  Gordie Tillery brought the Dec 11 1964 issue of Slum and Gravy – who could forget our FALL OUT for the rest of the year?  Jack & Bobbi Munson schlepped in from Delaware with an album filled with (almost) everything they did during our last two years at West Point – including Kingston Trio and football game tickets – and a medallion from the Class of 1945 to five of our classmates who were the first sons of 1945 to graduate from West Point.  There were parkas, and even an FD coat (which no one could fit in).





















[Photo #8 “Date Night at the ANCC last March: “Jerry Hansen, John & AnnMarie Keane, Gordie & Elsie Tillery, Jess & Ann Gatlin, Dave & Susan Ohle, Craig OConnor and Ginny McArthur, Jon Dodson, Sandy & Kathy Cohen, Bob & Eileen Stroud, George & Andrea Shoener, Ken & Susan Nicholson, John & Sharon Cruden, Joe & Maureen Guignon, Dave (just back from Pakistan)& Vasana Hatcher, and (not in picture) Jack & Bobbi Munson’]


E3 Palm Springs Outing – Earl Newsome, Jim Fitzgerald (ND '47), Bill Flowers, Joe Creeden, John Bussa, Chuck Jones, Col. Pace (June '43), Jess Gatlin, Joe Guignon

Gary Roberson reported that he sat with Gil Jacobs and Lamar Ratcliffe at the Cleveland WP Society Founders Day celebration that featured Dave Ohle as the keynote speaker.



















[Photo #9 E3 Palm Springs Outing – Earl Newsome, Jim Fitzgerald (ND '47), Bill Flowers, Joe Creeden, John Bussa, Chuck Jones, Col. Pace (June '43), Jess Gatlin, Joe Guignon]


Gary Roberson reported that he sat with Gil Jacobs and Lamar Ratcliffe at the Cleveland WP Society Founders Day celebration that featured Dave Ohle as the keynote speaker.


Rabble, as of this writing we are two less – again.  Terry Loughlin left this world on 1 March after a long battle with melanoma cancer, and Dick Flynn passed away in his sleep of an apparent heart attack on 30 March – both of these classmates were lions in their own right.  Our hearts go out to Kathy and Jane because we share their loss.  This is an incredibly rough patch we are going through and we need to pull together, look after each other, and maintain health because YOU’RE ALL WE’VE GOT.