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       Class Reunion Book

Obtaining a Copy

The links below will load the reunion book versions as indicated. It is a pdf file format and you can save it to your local computer. The reunion book file is over 17MB now and you should avoid loading it over a slow connection.

To obtain a copy of the reunion book, classmates, associated class members, and surviving family members, need a userid and password. 

  • Classmates: To obtain a userid and password, please visit the web page: .  Classmates will have a userid derived from their Cullum Number (the letters WP followed by your Cullum Number, such as WP26776).  

  • Class associates and surviving family members: Please email Megan Klein at, , and copy John James, , to obtain a userid and password.

Available versions:

Updating the Wardbook

All classmates, class associates and surviving family members are encouraged to update/submit their individual information to the Reunion Book.  The process is to first update the data in your Wardbook web page and then send a note to Mike Kush, , with a copy to John James, , and Dan Jinks, .  To enter your data please follow the instructions which you can download here: Personal Data For Reunion Book.  If you have any questions about entering information, please contact Dan Jinks or John James.


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