Class Cruise 2010
Image courtesy of Joannie Parr and Don Nelson

Medium view ( 1072x712 )
Large view ( 2144x1424 )
Original view ( 4288x2848 )

From the top of the stairs (right to left)

Bob and Sylvia Began, Darrel and Roseanne Moody, Dick and Debbie Waterman, Everett and Margaret Lucas, Jim and Gerry Cali, Don and Diane Nelson, Macy and Laura Brown, Tom and Joannie Parr, Regina and Bill Groman, Randy and Jackie Pais, Mike and Jean Cain, Sara and Ken Strong, Sarah and Don Wolfe,

Bottom Row (left to right)

Doug and Debbie Williams, Don and Janet Albers, Rich and Carolyn LaBouliere, Pete and Chris Gizzi, Ray and Cheryl Jones, Pete and Susan Econonmos, Steve and Marilyn Sears, Lucille and Donna Winton, Bob and Linda Metzger, George Winton, Nancy Miller, Gerry and Cherly Misurek, Paul and Vivian Haseman, Kent and Bobbi Kraus, Ray and Sally Winkel, Gary and Lori Chambers, Bob and Roni Lenz, Bonnie and Bill Pennington.


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