November 2008 Physics Department reviews Veterens Day parade at USMA

Lee Murfee is in his second year as a Physics P at USMA. He is doing a magnificent job! He is a superb teacher and an extraordinary mentor for both faculty and cadets.

You will enjoy reading Lee’s emails below to his cadets and to the Commandant. Lee refers to a new tradition at West Point. Remember how some Corps Squad classmates marched in the Graduation Parade as their first parade in almost four years? To better integrate the whole Corps, there are now weekly lunchtime reviews in which all cadets participate. USCC often asks an academic department to provide the reviewing party for these lunchtime reviews. Twelve faculty members from the Department of Physics had the honor of reviewing the Corps the Cadets on Veterans Day. After the review, we had lunch in the Cadet Mess.

-- Ray Winkel

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