Attendees at this years CAUSE Gala on Veteren's Day in Washington, DC


From left to right: Don Albers, John Caldwell, Paul Kern (front), George Newman (back), Jorgie Jorgenson, Al Bornmann, Tommy White, Mike Kush, Freed Lowrey (brought the Class Flag), Dean Risseeuw, Rich Fischer, Al Olson, Mike Yap, Monty Meigs, Ed Sullivan, Hart Lau and Ron Naples. Beach and Joyce Doheny are missing, they missed Barb Lau's announcement. For that matter, Barb is missing as well. For the spouses, I am not clear, so these are my best guesses: Janet Albers, Ann Olson, I know (mental error), Dede Kern, Mary Sullivan, blank and blank. (per Mike Yap)

USMA 1967 individuals responsible for the event: Barbara Lau, Exec Dir CAUSE; John Caldwell, Chair of the CAUSE board; Judy Caldwell, GALA chair; Joyce Doheny,Table Decorations, Mary Sullivan, Silent Auction, (Daughter Mara Sullivan, Silent Auction), Jane Newman/ Marianne Meigs, table seating, Ron Naples CAUSE board member, George Newman, gopher and new Moped owner, Patti Jorgenson and Tom Petrie, Silent Auction contributors, Many gophers including Hart Lau, Beach Doheny and Ed Sullivan. (per Ed Sullivan)

There were about eleven classmates who were on the donor list (most not in attendance).

It was said several times that CAUSE was started by four wives of USMA '67. It was a proud night for us all.

(Thanks to Mike Yap and Ed Sullivan for the text and Hartmut Lau for the picture,)

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CAUSE Announcement

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