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       Class of 2017 Support Projects and Events

Our class is sponsoring the Class of 2017, our 50th anniversary class, during their time at USMA. Events supporting the Class of 2017 will be conducted during their four years at West Point. Check back here for information on planned activities.

Class Support for R-day for the Class of 2017 - July 2013

As the 50-year Affiliate Class, classmates are currently planning to attend this year's R-Day for the Class of 2017. The following people have volunteered: Bill Koch, Tom and Joannie Parr, Rich and Debbie Adams, Gael and John James, Alton and Carol Donnell, Mike Yap, George Kellenbenz.

Mike Kush and John Kuspa are coordinating recruiting efforts in the DC area. We are hoping for another 13 classmates and/or spouses. Please contact them or Tom Parr if you wish to attend.


Grads March Back from Summer training with Class of 2017

A group of hardy classmates are joining the Class of 2017 for the 12 mile march from their Summer training encampment at Camp Buckner to the main post. The marchback begins early Monday, August 12th and ends with a review at the Superentendents house at 11:30am. Those classmates will march with the new cadet companys for the first 10 miles, terminating at the Ski Slope. They will then be joined by additional USMA1967 members and they will march back together the remaining two miles onto Post, at the end of the new cadet companies. Pictures will be posted of our merry wanderers.


Class Support of Professional Military Ethic Education, (PME2)

One of the most rewarding ways to support the West Point Class of 2017 is to participate in the Class of ‘17’s Professional Military Ethic Education, (PME2), program.  Lee Murfee has volunteered to head up this effort for the USMA Class of 1967. Lee is actively soliciting classmates to assist and has written a comprehensive overview of the training program and how you can participate (below):

Lee's training overview is for classmates only and you will need a userid and password, the same as was used to download the reunion book. To obtain a userid and password, please visit the web page: .  Classmates will have a userid derived from their Cullum Number (the letters WP followed by your Cullum Number, such as WP26776).  

Once you have the login information, use this link to retrieve the latest PME2 program overview.

Save these dates - Two Spring Semester Dates:
Tuesday 27 January 2015 and Monday 23 February 2015.

We may double our number of 1967 graduates to 20. The night before, we will have supper at 1930 at the Thayer Hotel. The experience of assisting current cadets and interacting with fellow graduates is indeed worthwhile, meaningful and satisfying. Please consider participating in the two remaining dates for this school year. There are to be two dates as well each semester next year. CPT Graves has recently announced the situation for discussion in the January 27 PME2 session:

The dilemma for the 27 January 2015 Leader Challenge will center upon a young Lieutenant who a Headquarters Platoon Leader. His supply NCO has approached him, in confidence, to make him aware that the Company XO is asking him (the NCO) to alter supply documents, and fix paperwork to rectify missing or damaged property. From what the NCO is telling the Platoon Leader, the Company Commander may be willfully involved in these efforts to “fix” the property books. While the “wrongness” of the situation is clear, how this Platoon Leader can go about rectifying the situation will be the big topic for debate.

CPT Graves would like to have your rosters for 27 January 2015 finalized by 9 January 2015, at the latest. This allows me to generate the ITOs, as well as notify and follow up with the Tactical Officer teams to ensure that they (and the Cadets) can contact you with enough time prior to 27 January 2015.