Reunion, Tuesday, May 25, 1999

Bus Trip to West Point on Tuesday, May 25 Chandler, Kanarowski's, Grinalds, Harry Walters, and Illa Walters standing. That's Walt Brown standing in the back.

Rizzi and Tom Leo as we wait for the Alumni March On - plus a guy from ‘49

Alumni Ceremony is over, waiting for the Corps Review

Jay Warren, Phil Sheaffer, & Zaldo’s Head

Jay Warren, Jerry Jervell & Phil Sheaffer

To lunch Washington Hall after the parade

Peter Stromberg & Jack Smith, the Tillars in the background

Hews, Schwartz's, Weekleys, Days at Herbert Hall

Pete Dawkins, Howie & Eileen Stiles, Judi Dawkins

Lee Bell, Frank Campbell, & Roger Paquette

Fred Franks giving dedication of Classmates Bricks & Donny Tillar Paver at Herbert Hall

Tillar Paver in ‘59 Section by Flagpole - Herbert Hall

Mary Jane & Darel Johnson viewing memorial bricks

Whitmores & Taylors

Getting on Boat for Cruise - Ray Fisher, Tom Russell & Daughter

Davis supervises loading

Bill Schwartz

Moving Right Along - Beales, Weekleys, Rowes, Beachs

Hahns & Hilliards

Two Rhoad Scholars - Gillette & Grinalds

Howie Stiles, Christa & Steve Klein

Jack Neal, Jerry & Marilyn Weisenseel, Nancy Neal

Rod Pascall, Joanne Hutton, Jay Madden, Powell Hutton