We're off to the party

Getting underway

Bob DeMont, the Conways

Eileen Stiles, the Tibbetts

O'Meara, Stiles, Tibbetts, Fitzgerald, DeMont

Rody, Bill and Monk

Betsy Hilliard, Maureen Tibbetts, Julie DeMont

Bob and Bill

Let's eat

Joyce and Bobbie

Serious talk

Maureen, Bobbie and Rhonda

Otie trying to gain weight

Julie and Betsy

The Maine Summer Gathering

Bob sipping the brew

Ice cream to top it all off

Rody says...

Bill says, Monk listens

Farewell from the Fitzgeralds

Racing a storm back to home port

Bob, Eileen and the O'Mearas

They are getting wet and laughing

Nasty stuff and lightning-we won

Captain Stiles steers back to home