These cachets were furnished by Duane Federic. He has another cachet  coming back from the Post Office that has an Army flag and MOH photo image next to Rocky's picture on the Vietnam Memorial Wall, with a MOH stamp.  It will be a very special souvenir of the MOH presentation ceremony whenever that comes about.

First of several finished Rocky postal cachets

Rocky and Nick Rowe

The Yellow stamp is for "Gold Star Mothers" who lost a son during WWII

This photo was taken after Rocky had completed one year in Vietnam, and before returning there to meet his fate.  Note West Point stamp circa 1936-37, about the time of most of your birth years.

Nick Rowe Eating his First American Meal. We owe it to Nick Rowe (WP class of 1960) for telling the world about Rocky's heroism.  Rocky was executed, and three other brave American POWs died in Nick's arms primarily from starvation, disease, and medical neglect during the five years that Nick survived brutal jungle captivity.

Nick Rowe spoke at length with President Nixon about Rocky's courage as a POW, and the President gave instructions to "See to it that the Captain gets the Medal of Honor

MG Bowra was instrumental in getting the MOH effort started, and giving comfort to Rocky's mother in the months before her death.  This picture was taken in July, 1999

This was inspired from the poem included by Bill Luther on the program for the Ranger Memorial Ceremony, 4 October 2000.  Our images of our loved ones are frozen in our memories of them, forever

This cachet is a larger version, including the appropriate poem that Bill Luther included on his Ranger program.  If you look closely and still have decent eyesight, the finger points to Rocky's name at the Vietnam Memorial.

This is the last finished Rocky cachet. And by the way, the funding for the beautiful plaza and veterans memorial is lagging, and has seriously delayed the start of construction for this important project.