USMA59 Camp Smith, NY, National Guard NCO Academy training detail, 1958

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R-Day Text


Princess Grace Kelly and Prince Ranier at Army football game, Fall 1956.

Princess Grace Kelly w/ Supe & Supe’s wife at West Point Parade, Fall 1956

Princess Grace w/Supe’s wife at WP Parade, Fall 1956

Princess Grace w/Supe’s wife at WP Parade, Fall 1956

Prince Ranier & Grace Kelly after cadet parade, Fall 1956. Grace pregnant with her first child

Prince Ranier with Supe at Cadet parade, Fall 1956. Ranier granted amnesty as a ruling monarch of Monaco. Prince Ranier died April 2005, as Europe’s oldest reigning monarch

First photo includes in Kitzingen Germany includes our 3rd AViation Company classmates:

front row - Charlie Hayes, Bill B?, Joan Poole

2nd row - ? B., Joe Hurst, Nancy Hurst, Arlene Hahn, Bebe Hayes, Mart Lidy

3rd row - Monk Hilliard, Peggy Evans, Betsy Hilliard, Pat Lidy, Ina Roesler, Pat & Ed Robinson

rear row - Gil Roesler, Bob Evans, Jack Poole, Jim Hahn

Berlin, Germany, 1962:

Pat Robinson, Dick & Robin Rounseville (not classmates), Gil & Ina Roesler, Nancy & Joe Hurst

Berlin, 1962:

front - Joe & Nancy Hurst, Joan Poole, Robin Rounseville, Ina Roesler, Ed &  Pat Robinson,

rear - Jack Poole & Gil Roesler

Check Point Charlie, Berlin, shortly after the Wall went up in Berlin, 1962



Front, Left to right: Watlington (deceased) , Roush, Cohan
Rear, L-R: Covington (deceased), Robinson

All K-1 except Roush

Scenes from our Class of 1955 R-Day oath at Trophy Point

Recognition Parade, First Call, K-1, 4 June 1956

Left to right: Bob Croteau, Harry Hughes, Albert S. McSweeney, Jerry Hilmes, Bill Cohen,
John Milton, Warren Smith, John Cohan, Pete Wentworth, Ed Robinson

Camp Buckner, Summer 1956, First Company

Left to right Upper Row: Rushton, Werbel?, Yeats

2nd Row: Cox, Wands, Boyle, Cyr, Darby, Klein, Corby , Lidy, Katsarsky, Jack Smith , Montgomery, Moellering , Marsh, Bruce Williams , Passarella, Knebel

Front Row: McDaniel, McConville, Ingram, Dyer, Marshall , Sandy Beach

Photo by Ed Robinson

General Omar Bradley

The photo shows Gen Bradley on the parade ground in 1979, the time of our 20th reunion. I see Russ Street lurking in the background on the left. Gen Bradley and his wife attended the dinner dance reception in Washington Hall that evening and kindly met with some members of our class. Pat and I had the opportunity to shake his hand and had a nice little chat with him. He died two years later in 1981.

I also remember him at a 1960s AUSA convention in DC in his earlier years, when he was still fit and functional, and walking virtually behind him to
several events. As you know he maintained an office in the Pentagon Secretarial E Ring section while we were assigned to the Army Staff in the late 70s.

I'm also attaching another photo that was taken from my uncle's WWII photo album that shows Gen Bradley with Eisenhower, Patton, and LTC Creighton Abrams, Patton's lead tank battalion commander, at the liberation of Buchenwald in April 1945. My uncle, Edward Milos, was MSgt in Patton's Third Army and is in the photo. There is a similar wider version of this photo in the Holocaust Museum in DC.

 Photos from the Ia Drang Battle of LZ XRay

General Renzi at Pep Rally

General Davidson at Pep Rally

President Eisenhower at Football Game

Florida Mini-Reunion

Munz Picnic

Photos from entering the Academy