Jay Maddens Reunion Pictures

The first picture in was from Jay Madden. This photo was taken at our G-1 Company get together at the Black Forest Restaurant in Harriman, NY, on Saturday, May 22. In case you want the people identified, here they are:

Front Row: Al Hew, Howard Stiles, Eileen Stiles, Lou Beard, Jack O'Brien

Middle Row: Mayling Hew, Beth Kleb, Kathie Madden, Jane Beard, Krista Klein, Barbara O'Brien

Back Row: John Guthrie, Elaine Guthrie, George Kleb, Jay Madden, Steve Klein


The first event was Fort Buckner. It always seems to rain on us

Buckner 1, Buckner 2, Buckner 3

Later came the parade


Then Lunch in Washington Hall

On to the AOG

Fred Franks speaking to the group and the Pavers

The Boat trip was next

Train station, The Ship, Griffins and Manzos

This photo was taken by Mayling Hew as the cruise ship passed under the George Washington Bridge. Individuals in the picture are Kathie Madden, Lou Beard, Jane Beard, Al Hew, and Jay Madden.

and as always, the people make the reunion

"The G 1 Contingent"

George and Pat Day

Kleb, Walters, Hilliard, Rowe BS-ing

Fitzgeralds and Days

Jay Madden, the Goodpastures, and someone

George and Beth Kleb

Byron and Jan Marsh, Sue Manzo

and evidence that everyone had a good time

Kathie Madden, Eileen Stiles, Barbara O'Brien, Christa Klien