Report on Class Committee Meeting of 22 Oct. '05

USMA Class of 1959
Report of Class Committee Meeting
22 October 2005

1. The Class Committee met from 1500 hours until 1730 hours at the Institute for Defense Analysis (IDA) on October 22, 2005. Members of the Class Committee present were: Tom Boyle, Frank Campbell, Joe Coreth, George Day, Art Griffin, Nick Krawciw, Skip Schow, and Jim Walsh. Other classmates in attendance were Jerry Fogel, John McNerney, Tom Roberts, and Tom Russell.

Prior to the start of the meeting an agenda was handed out by Jim Walsh. (Incl. 1.)

2. OPENING REMARKS: Nick Krawciw called the meeting to order. Nick pointed out that Pete Dawkins had contacted him and expressed his most sincere apologies for not being able to attend this meeting due to conflicting Citigroup duties in the UK. He then requested that I go through the agenda and we get to the business at hand to insure completion of the meeting in a timely fashion. The annual Malek Class Dinner was scheduled to begin at 1900 hours and Nick wanted all to have time to make the transition and get to the Maleks on time.


Treasurer's Report - Art Griffin presented the current report, (Incl. 2), which showed a balance as of October 22, 2005, of $23,247.46 and was approved.


A. Tom Roberts handed out an excellent Memo (Incl. 3), which also contained a DRAFT Letter of Agreement (LOA) with the National Capital Flag Company, Inc. (NFC.) The purpose of the LOA was to insure the NFC could provide a decorative memorial flag box to the next-of-kin of deceased classmates in a timely fashion. Discussion indicated that an alternative person -- in addition to the Secretary -- should be identified as one to make the notification to NFC. Sandy Beach, BoB Chief seemed an obvious choice.

B. It was also discussed and decided that the Class would provide and pay for Flag Boxes only for the Classmates who die in the future and not for any of our 93 classmates who are already deceased. Jim Walsh indicated that he would recommend to his A-1 Company mates that A-1 take a collection and provide Boxes to the next-of-kin of the three A-1ers who are deceased. A consideration was made to pass this recommendation on to the Class for other companies to consider, but it NOT be made a Class Policy.

NOTE: Sandy Beach, Tom Roberts, and Jim Walsh will review and update the "LAST FAREWELL" policy to reflect these new changes and present same at the next Class Committee meeting.


A. Wall Ceremony

(1) John McNerney reported that he, through selected Points-of Contact (POCs), was in the process of contacting all relatives for this years honoree, Ron Shelton. John will continue to pursue this and will via E-mail send the necessary information to insure the invitations for the April ceremony are sent out in a timely fashion.

NOTE: Subsequent to the meeting it has been reported that Tony Pokorny has agreed to be the L-1 POC for Ron Shelton's Memorial Service.

(2) In addition John expressed two potential concerns:

(a) At our next memorial ceremony the honorees will be on opposite sides of the Vietnam Memorial.

(b) Our 2009 April Ceremony will be just before our 50th Reunion at West Point.

We will discuss the first concern (a) at the next Class Committee meeting. Concerning (b) for the 50th reunion it was recommended that our annual remembrance be held in conjunction with our Memorial Ceremony held at the Reunion.

NOTE: Tom Russell has reported that the two to be honored in 2009, Tully and Woods, are both buried at West Point. A potential solution is to have our Memorial Ceremony in the Old Cadet Chapel at the West Point Cemetery followed by a wreath laying on the two graves in the cemetery.

B. General Membership Meeting and Brunch

A discussion ensued that it might prove beneficial to have the General Membership meeting and Brunch in a different location than the Ft. Myer Club. Tom Boyle volunteered to look into the feasibility of having our meeting at the ARMY-Navy Club in Arlington.

Note: Tom has reported that the cost may be a little higher but has reserved the ARMY-Navy Club in Arlington as our meeting and Brunch location.

6. 5OTH REUNION - 2009

A. Cruise on No Cruise?

After an initial attempt to announce plans to have a cruise in conjunction with our 50th reunion, based on some unsolicited responses from Class members, we discussed the feasibility of having a class survey to capture the Class's feelings on a cruise, plus other options.

NOTE: We need to get together via E-mail and/or Conference Call and discuss all aspects of the 50th Reunion. It is recommended that we attempt to get our final position on type, place and dates for our reunion developed and announced to the Class by the time of our General Membership meeting on 23 April 2006.

B. Alternate Dates?

Jerry Fogel has been in contact with Vince McDermott (who has replaced Gus Fishburne) Alumni Affairs - AOG and been told that a potential date for our Reunion might be "Reunion Weekend" which is tentatively scheduled for 23-25 April 2009.

C. Recognition of Donlon?

Jerry Fogel has been in contact with Roger Donlon who is planning on attending our 50th Reunion. Jerry recommends some type ceremony to recognize Donlon as a MOH recipient. Previous contact with the AOG (Fishburne) indicates that a plaque similar to the Versace plaque would have a very small (virtually no!) likelihood of being approved. There are 7 other ex-Cadets who were awarded MOHs . A decision was made years ago to only include graduates in the West Point MOH plaque program .

NOTE: Fogel will pursue on his own developing some type of distinctive "Class of 1959" recognition for Donlon and plan on providing us his recommendation for suitable ceremony and presentation as we develop reunion plans.

D. Commissioning a Proprietary Musical Composition: Class of 1959 50th Reunion March?

Fogel has commissioned Andrew Yates to write a Class March for our Class. "West Point's 162nd" AKA The Class of 1959 50th Reunion March. Contact with Fishburne indicates that it is much too early to discuss this topic with the Military Academy. WP operates on about a 1-year cycle. The proper time to raise this issue with the USMA band is the summer of 08. As of last contact, the current band master has just received reassignment orders and no new band commander has been designated.

E. Distaff Recognition (Wives of 59er's)?

It has been proposed -- and we discussed and recommended -- that a major theme of our 50th should include some type special function (Dinner?) to specifically recognize and honor the support of our wives who have served with us so magnificently over these 50 years.

NOTE: In this regard, an interesting suggestion has been made that we might award all who dated their current wife while a cadet have first crack at being billeted at the Thayer -- if, indeed, the Thayer comes to be one of our billeting options.

F. 50 YCB Report

Initially Jerry Jervell was going to be at the meeting. He canceled out at the last minute, but as a matter of record, it should be noted that we all expressed great admiration and support of the outstanding work done by Jerry thus far and look forward to assisting him in this most important historical activity for our Class.

NOTE: Subsequent to the meeting we all observed the incessant and excellent work done by Dave Roush in requesting Classmate BIOs.


A. Thayer and DGA Nominations

(1) It was announced to the Class Committee that Tom Clancy, who Don Morgan had indicated might be a good recommendation, was mentioned as a potential nominee from the Class of 1959 for the 2006 Thayer Award. Jerry Fogel and Tom Russell both reported that they had attended functions where they had not been favorably impressed by Mr. Clancy.

NOTE: Since Fred Franks had been contacted for his impression of Mr. Clancy, and had responded very favorably, I recommended that I contact Fred and inform him of our concerns and then review the recommendation. After a series of E-mails and some phone conversations it was recommended to Pete that we nominate Tom Clancy for the 2006 Thayer Award. That recommendation was approved by Pete and the nomination letter was sent to the AOG in mid-November.

(2) It was also announced to the Class Committee that Nick Krawciw and Bill Schwartz were both mentioned as potential Distinguished Graduate Awardees. Tom Leo had volunteered to prepare the Schwartz nomination and was well on the way of completing same. Pete Dawkins had been contacted by Tom Phillips, president - West Point Society of Los Angeles and asked to endorse their nomination of Nick for the DGA. A nomination packet with a Letter of Nomination for Bill Schwartz, signed by Lawrence Davis, president - West Point Society of the San Francisco Bay Area, Pete Dawkins, and Warron Tramor, president - West Point Society of Philadelphia was sent to the AOG October 24, 2005. Nick's nomination letter signed by Tom Phillips and Pete Dawkins was sent to the AOG October 13, 2005.

(3) Pete Dawkins had also asked that the Class Committee be approached and asked to approve the Class endorsement of Tom Dyer, Class of '67, who was retiring as Chairman and CEO of the Board of Trustees, for the Distinguished Graduate Award. The Class Committee approved same.

NOTE: Subsequent to the meeting, there was a strong recommendation made that we NOT nominate two Classmates for the DGA at the same time. That concern clearly seems to have merit . It seems to me that the Class Committee should consider developing a policy with the goal of insuring we nominate at least one Classmate every year -- AND ONLY ONE PER YEAR -- for future DGA recognition.

B. Funding to Support Class Expenses

(1) Affiliation Responsibilities with and for the Class of 2009.

A brief mention was made that we had expended $5,000.00 to host the Open House for the family and friends of the Class of 2009 on "R" day, Monday, June 27, 2005. There was also cost associated with the March Back (Plebe Hike) on 7-8 August 2005 for the Banner and Guidon of $500.00.

NOTE: Pete recently received and E-mail from Tony Ferraiuolo, Director of Class Support, AOG, seeking his approval that the Class of 1959 would be willing to continue the affiliation program with the Class of 2009 in the amount of $45,000.00 over the next four years.

(2) Funeral Expenses and Flag Boxes

It was mentioned that with the new flag box program, it is anticipated the cost of future receptions, flag boxes, etc., will be at a minimum around $500/Classmate.

(3) Annual Vietnam Memorial Ceremony

It has been the practice to host members of the honoree families to our Brunch on the Sundays that we have our Memorial Ceremony in DC. Some other expenses may arise. We still have five Classmates to honor over the next four years.

(4) Annual Scholarship Gift of $2,000.00

The Class Committee has made the decision to continue the annual scholarship gift. It is only for children of Classmates (Most in Graduate School) and not for grand children.

(5) Various recognition and plaque awards.

We honored two Classmates with Class Exemplary Service Award this year which brings our total to nine. We anticipate that we will continue to recognize Classmates with this award in the future. Other recognition cost can be anticipated -- example plaque for Donlon.

NOTE: It is recommended that the Class Committee review the anticipated cost mentioned above plus administrative cost for annual operation and additional cost associated with Reunions and come up with a budget and a recommended collection program to meet it.


Several members departed the meeting early to get ready for the Malek dinner. There was no open discussion.


There will be a General Membership Meeting in conjunction with our Annual Wall Ceremony on Sunday April 23, 2006.

Jim Walsh

James E. Walsh, Jr.
Class Secretary
USMA Class of 1959
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