USMA Class of 1959
Minutes of Class Committee
21 April 2002

1.  The Class Committee met in conjunction with a General Membership Meeting following the Train Memorial at Fort Myer Officers Club on 21 April 2002.  All present went through the Brunch Buffet, had their meal and then a quick meeting was conducted from 1310 to 1345 hours.  Present were Art & Babs Bair, Lou Beard, Randy Bell, Frank Besson, Tom Boyle, Bill & Sue Breen, Joe & Polly Coreth, Pete & Judi Dawkins, John & Pat Eberhard, Ray Fisher, Bill & Barb Fitzgerald, Dave Gary, Art & Joyce Griffin, John Gurr, John & Elaine Guthrie, Mike Gillette, Jerry Hilmes, Powell Hutton, Nick Krawciw, Dick & Jeanne LeClere, Tom Leo & Sara Garrison, Mark & Judy Magnussen, John MeLoy, Fred McConville, John & Karla Moellering, John & Margaret McNerney, Al Phillips, Norm & Elva Rosner, Bob Riordan, Tom & Marty Roberts, Ed Robinson, Tom & Ann Russell, Bill & Ann Turpin, Joe & Bev Todaro, Jim & Phyllis Wal! sh, Don Williams, Bob Weekley, Bruce Williams, Phil, Rosa, & Sabastian Gibbs.  Guest were Bill McNamara '60, Leslie Train, Bruce Train, Mary Beth Train, Bill Train & Tom Davidson. Other classmates, Dave Fried for one, attended the Train Memorial but did not attend the brunch and meeting.

2.  Opening Remarks: Pete Dawkins called the meeting to order. The agenda (Incl. 1) and a handout (Incl. 2) with future memorial services, calendar, and  45th reunion information had been handed out prior to the meeting.  Pete commented on the fine turnout for our first memorial service for Bill Train and expressed concern that having one/year would mean we would not finish these services until 2016 and that in addition to our becoming older, the family, particularly parents of classmates, might have passed away or not be able to travel.  It was strongly recommended that the Class Committee review the memorial schedule and attempt to shorten the total time span.

3. Approve Past Minutes: Minutes of the 16 January 2002 meeting which had been sent to everyone on e-mail were approved.

4.  Pete asked Jim Walsh to quickly go over his handout.

A.  Future Memorial Services: As mentioned above the schedule for these is now one/year and a short discussion indicated that we should shorten the time span.  One proposal was to have the memorial on the 40th anniversary of the date of death on the individuals honored.  That would mean our last service would be in 2009 as opposed to 2016 as currently scheduled.  The Class Committee will review the schedule and try and come up with a shorter version.

B.  Calendar:  The calendar was reviewed and classmates encouraged to attend future class functions.

C.  45th Reunion:  A proposed draft schedule was handed out and some task identified.  Joe Todaro has already acquired a contract with the hotel, and Frank Campbell and Art Griffin agreed to serve on the reunion committee and perform the same functions as they did for the 40th Reunion.

D.  Jim briefly mentioned the Ring Recovery Program (Incl. 3) which was developed by Ted Colby, and commented on the excellent Bicentennial Weekend held in New York and West Point on 15 & 16 March.


A.  Treasurer's Report - Art Griffin presented the current report (Inclosure 4), which was approved. 

B.  Fund Raising - Jerry Hilmes had previously provided by e-mail two reports on the status of our fund raising campaign, status by cadet Company (Incl. 5) and individual status (Incl. 6).  He commented that our overall contribution rate of 70% was outstanding and the class was to be congratulated on their effort.

6. Sue Breen was asked to say a few words about the new "Women of Class, 1959" list serve which she is moderating.  It is now an active list and the hope is it will continue to grow and become a good vehicle to keep the women of the class informed and involved.

7.  John Gurr quickly reviewed the class "Special Recognition Policy," and handed out two resolutions to discuss.  After a brief discussion the awards of "Honorary Class Membership" for Michael J. Faber (Incl. 7) and Duane E. Frederic (Incl. 8) were approved.


Pete closed the meeting with a brief mention that it was that time of year for the class to consider nominations for awards.  A brief discussion indicated that Ed Burba should be considered for the Distinguished Graduate Award and it was mentioned that Rudolph Guilianni might be a good candidate for the Thayer Award.  This topic will be pursued at out next Class Committee meeting.

6.  Next Meeting:  Pete announced that the next Class Committee meeting would be held  in conjunction with the ceremonies surrounding the presentation of the Medal of Honor to our classmate Rocky Versace, sometime at the beginning of July. (Note this was later confirmed to be at 1500 hours on Saturday, 6 July).

                                                                JAMES E. WALSH, JR.
8 Inclosures/AS
Inclosure 9   - Spring Class Letter 3/15/2002
Inclosure 10 - Comments by Bill Train and Bill Turpin at Train Memorial 4/21/2002