March 12, 1999

USMA 1959


MINUTES OF MEETING, February 13, 1999

1. Hosted by Frank Campbell and Art Griffin, the Class Standing Committee (CSC) met at the Institute for Defense Analysis (IDA), in Alexandria, VA, from 9:30 AM to 11:15 AM on Saturday, February 13,1999. Present were (in addition to Frank and Art): Tom Boyle, George Day, Fred Franks, Mary Clare Haskin, Powell Hutton, Nick Krawciw, Skip Schow, Joe Todaro, and Jim Walsh. Absent were: Joe Coreth, Dave Fried, Phil Gibbs, George Kleb, Tom Russell, and John Wilson.

2. Fred Franks, Chairman CSC, opened the meeting stating that its purpose was to review preparations for the 40th reunion and to discuss the annual luncheon.

3. MINUTES of the last CSC meeting (October 10, 1998) were distributed by Nick Krawciw and were approved by the CSC.

  1. TREASURER’S REPORT: Art Griffin provided his report with the status of the Class Fund and the Class Gift Fund as of February 13, 1999 (see Attachment 1). Art asked that the Committee see the notes to his report. The notes mention recent memorial contributions and the contributions by Pete Dawkins and Tom Russell to the Class Memorial Book that now honors all our deceased classmates. The CSC accepted the Treasurer’s report.


    1. Boat cruise: Art reported that 144 classmates had, so far, signed up for the reunion (Attachment 2). However, an insufficient number had signed up for the cruise. 40 more are needed to cover costs. The cruise ship company needs confirmation by April 10. Frank Campbell recommended that the CSC canvass those who have not yet responded and, chances are, that a sufficient number would sign up for the cruise. There was consensus on that suggestion and Fred Franks asked Frank Campbell and Jim Walsh to send out additional reunion reminders.
    2. Class Aides: Fred reported that he has received from USMA the list of Class Aides for the reunion (Attachment 3). The Senior Class Aide, Major Randy Donaldson has reported in by sending Fred an e-mail note.
    3. Registration: George Day indicated that some assistance may be needed during registration. During the discussion it was mentioned that classmates living nearby may be able to help. Joe Todaro thought that some of those who come on Saturday could help. Discussion on a hospitality room and a room for the Senior Class Aide was deferred for the next meeting after George Day queries Major Donaldson. Frank Campbell stated that tickets to all events will be issued at registration. Jim Walsh thought the packet issued at registration should include a pamphlet with a letter of welcome, list of attendees, upcoming events, etc. CSC members agreed.
    4. Ladies’ Tea: Mary Clare was pleased that so many ladies signed up. She will develop an agenda. She would like to receive some suggestions on what Class widows could do to help at the reunion.
    5. Miscellaneous Reunion Matters: (1) Fred Franks reported that there was no interest shown in a Class social event on Tuesday evening. (2) As for the Superintendent’s talk to the Class, it will probably take place at Camp Buckner. (3) Skip Schow said that he will work with Phil Gibbs to come up with a short scenario for the ceremony at Herbert Hall. Reading of names of deceased classmates and the placement of a memorial plaque for 1LT Donald Tillar III will be part of that ceremony.
    6. Class Business Meeting: Fred Franks felt that the Class Business Meeting should consist of short reports on the following topics, followed by indications of where we are heading in our activities after the 40th reunion and as the Class advances toward the 50th reunion:
    1. Class Gift Strategy: Skip Schow reported that the Class Gift Committee is continuing to look at two Class gift options in which the Class showed interest in a straw poll: "The Strength Development Center," as the Class of ‘59 contribution, for the Michie Stadium Athletic Complex, and partial funding of an academic chair designated as "Military Art in the 21st Century". Most classmates favor Class participation in the Michie Stadium complex to which Bill O’Meara already contributed $2 million and has pledged $.5million more. Pete Dawkins has pledged $1 million. The remainder of the Class would have to provide $1.5 million within five years after the contract has been let – probably in October of this year. Fred Franks said that a $5 million gift gives the Class naming rights and asked Skip to contact Harry Walters, Fred Malek and others who may be interested in making larger donations. Fred also asked that the Gift Committee discuss all this with Pete Dawkins. Skip said that he would and that the Gift Committee needs to do more work on the gift strategy. He added that another Class poll will be sent out through the AOG.
    2. Class History Book for the 50th Reunion: Jim Walsh stated that he will prepare a pamphlet that should generate some discussion about the content of the Class History.
    3. Financial Report: Art Griffin will prepare a report on the status of Class funds.
    4. Class Scholarships: Powell Hutton agreed to prepare an information item on this subject. As a separate (non-reunion) matter, he is reminding the Class that the application season for scholarships is coming up again.
    5. Class Organization: Lists of Battalion and Company CQs and regional representatives as well as their responsibilities should be discussed.
    1. Mementos: George Kleb is preparing recommendations on what items to purchase.

6. WASHINGTON AREA SPRING LUNCHEON: After a short discussion the CSC, in view of the upcoming reunion, decided to skip the luncheon.

7. MEMORIAL USMA RING: Jim Walsh mentioned the Class of ‘58 proposal (recently discussed on the internet) for graduates to donate their rings to be re-cast with the gold used for rings of future classes. E-mail responses for this idea were positive and Jim was asking whether the CSC would back voluntary participation in such a new "tradition." All agreed that this was a worthwhile idea. Jim said that he would inform the AOG of Class of ’59 support.

8. Fred Franks thanked the CSC members for their work in preparation for the Class reunion. He adjourned the meeting stating that the next one will be at 1700, March 25, 1999, also at IDA. He added that the CSC should hold a final reunion preparation meeting, with detailed discussion of each reunion event, in late April or early May.





Nick Krawciw



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