USMA Class of 1959

Minutes of Class Committee

17 October 2000

1. The Class Committee met at the Institute for Defense Analyses (IDA), on Tuesday, 17 October 2000 from 1715 to 2008 hours. Present were Pete Dawkins, Nick Krawciw, Tom Boyle, Frank Campbell, Joe Coreth, Art Griffin, Jerry Hilmes, Powell Hutton, Bob Riordan, Tom Russell, Skip Schow, & Jim Walsh.

2. Prior to calling the meeting to order and while waiting for all to assemble, Pete Dawkins wanted to discuss our next meeting and specify a time and location. It was decided that we would meet in conjunction with the Class General Membership Luncheon, which we scheduled to be held at the Tivoli Restaurant in Rosslyn, VA at 1130 hours on Tuesday, 13 February.

3. Opening Remarks: Pete Dawkins called the meeting to order and handed out the agenda. (Inclosure 1)

4. 19 May 2000 Minutes: Minutes of the 19 May meeting had been sent to everyone on e-mail and were approved.


A. Ranger Memorial - Jim Walsh, who had attended the Ranger Memorial Ceremony at Fort Benning on 4 October, reported that it was a resounding success. Bill Schwartz and Bill Luther both did an outstanding job and are commended by the Class Committee. A memorandum from Bill Schwartz (Inclosure 2) and the Ceremony script and Fred Franks speech (Inclosure 3) are attached. In the memorandum it was reported that there was a shortfall of $496.70 for expenses that had been paid for by Bill Luther. The Class Committee moved and approved an expenditure of $500.00 to be paid to Bill Luther to reimburse him.

B. Houston Mini-Reunion - Frank Campbell who had attended the Houston Mini-Reunion which was held the same weekend as the Army-Houston game (16 September) reported that many activities to include a well played game were enjoyed by all who attended.

C. Army-Navy Tailgate - Tom Seybold sent in e-mails (Inclosure 4) on the planning for the Army-Navy tailgate at PSINet stadium in Baltimore, MD on Saturday 2 December. (Note: This was an outstanding tailgate and well enjoyed by all who attended).

D. Class Ski Trip - Howard Stiles responded by e-mail (Inclosure 5) on the planning for the first annual Class Ski-Mini to be held in Breckenridge, CO 24 Feb-3Mar 2001. (Note: A list serve and web site location have been established for all interested in the Class ski events)

E. Jewish Chapel Window Dedication - Toby Lehrfeld Fisch sent in an e-mail (Inclosure 6) reporting that a date for the dedication had not been decided yet. As soon as one is determined, it will be forwarded to the class. The Class Committee moved and approved a expenditure in the amount of $500 as a Class donation for this window.

F. Hawaii Mini-Reunion - Jack Bohman has reported that he and other classmates in Hawaii, (Roger Gaines, Lenny Katsarsky & Tom Seely) are planning a Class Mini-Reunion to be held in Hawaii. Tentative date will be February 2002 - One week at the Hale Koa at Fort DeRussy on Waikiki Beach and a week on a cruise ship to the other Islands.


A. Treasurer's Report - Art Griffin presented the current report (Inclosure 7), which was approved.

B. Fund Raising - Jerry Hilmes handed out a report on the Class Gift Fund Status as of 17 October 2000 (Inclosure 8). He also provided a copy of the September 25, 2000 letter to the Class (Inclosure 9).

C. Distaff Update - Mary Clare Haskin sent an e-mail (Inclosure 10) in which she requested timely notification on the death of a classmate. She was informed via e-mail from Jim Walsh that he sends an e-mail to the class as soon as he is informed of any deaths in the class. She also proposed a letter to widows informing them of class activities. Those on the mailing list and on the Class list serve do receive the same mailings as the Class. Her recommendation that a Christmas Greeting from the Class be sent every year will be discussed and if approved, adopted in the future. She stated that the Distaff Letter and Potpourri gifts were well received by the widows. She along with the Class Committee give special thanks to Tom Russell for getting and mailing the gifts.

D. Class Scholarship Fund - Powell Hutton recommended we that we hold off discussing the Class Scholarship Fund and address it in February. It was generally believed that we have enough funding and should maintain the scholarship program. His e-mail on the subject can be found at Inclosure 11.

E. Class Field Organization - Nick Krawciw also provided an e-mail (Inclosure 12) and reported that he had some recommendations on new volunteers for some of the organizational and regional positions. It was moved and approved that Bob Riordan would replace Joe Todaro as 3rd Bn, 2nd Regt Rep. and that Hank Larsen be appointed regional rep for Oklahoma and northern Texas. Nick will notify all concerned of these appointments and changes. It was also discussed and decided that Phil Huntington would remain as CQ of K-2.

7. Retiree Health Care: Bob Riordan was commended for his outstanding performance in keeping the class informed on health care issues. He handed out a Healthcare Benefits Update (Inclosure 13) to be included in the minutes. 8. Dawkins to Speak at Versace/VN Vets Ceremony: I announced and Pete confirmed that he had agreed to be the key note speaker at a ceremony in Alexandria, VA on the afternoon of November 11 to dedicate the "Captain Rocky Versace Plaza and Vietnam Veterans Memorial." John Gurr has done an outstanding job representing the class in this and the MOH recommendation. John's memo on this subject can be found at Inclosure 14. (Note: I attended this function along with many other classmates. Pete did an outstanding job as expected.)

9. Class Archives: Bill Schwartz has raised the issue of the location and caretaker of the Class Archives. We discussed this in a cursory fashion and decided it was an area that needed some attention. It will be addressed in the future. In the interest of time, we moved forward to the principal purpose of the meeting.


We devoted the remainder of the meeting to reviewing and correcting the DRAFT "Restated Class Constitution and Bylaws" (Inclosure 15). These were developed by the hard work of Steve Werbell and Pete Keogh. (Note: Pete Dawkins took these comments and with the help of Steve and Pete Keogh developed a letter that was mailed to the Class on January 16, 2001 with the FINAL version of the Class Constitution and Bylaws requesting ratification of same to be reported on at the 13 February General Membership meeting. This mailing was a combined e-mail and snail mail effort accomplished by the good work of Frank Campbell and Art Griffin)..

11. End of Year Letter: We discussed and approved the mailing of a letter to the Class reviewing what we did this past year and alerting all to what has been scheduled for the future. (Note: Jim Walsh provided a draft letter to Pete which was finalized by Pete and mailed with the Constitution and Bylaws on January 16th).

12. Next Meeting: Tom Boyle volunteered to look into the availability of Tivoli's Restaurant in Rosslyn for our annual DC area Business Luncheon. (Note: It was available on our requested date of Tuesday 13 February and an invitation to all was included in the End of Year Letter.)

13. The meeting was adjourned at 2008 hours and those who could remained and walked across the street to Clyde's Restaurant and enjoyed each others company at a prearranged dinner.



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